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5 Easy Curb Appeal Tips You Can Implement On Your Own

Easy Curb Appeal Tips 

If you cringe at the thought of your home appeal or discover that you get less or zero compliments about your home, it might be time to execute some improvement ideas. The exterior of your home is like a book cover; it speaks volumes of your interior and plays a key role in attracting prospective buyers.

Is your curb appeal unappealing or below par? Consider sprucing it up by implementing the five easy curb appeal tips highlighted below. These tips are designed to help you add value to your home while providing you with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

What is Curb Appeal, and Why Should You Prioritize It?

When a passerby strolls past your home and takes a glance at it, the impression it makes to the individual is known as curb appeal. In essence, curb appeal is the impression your home and landscaping make on people. It comprises the visual elements that show the pride homeowners have in a home.

A good curb appeal can come in handy when selling your home. That is not all! An updated front door, neat driveway, well-watered lawn, and a lighted-up exterior can enhance the appeal of a home.

The more appealing the exterior of your home, the more curb appeal it has. Mind you curb appeal goes beyond the layout of your home, and it encompasses many improvements you might have implemented while living there. These improvements could be:

  • Landscaping
  • Extra exterior features like a front or rear porch, pool, or fire pit.
  • Installing quality roof
  • Implementing lighting design
  • The color and quality of your exterior paint and sliding

Having understood the importance of curb appeal, you may be keen to survey your exterior and make necessary improvements where deemed fit. Here are some tips for guidance

How to Improve Your Curb Appeal

When decorating a home, we often focus our time, effort, and money on the interior. We purchase attractive wall arts and murals to adorn our interior walls, including unique furniture and lighting to jazz up the space.

While it makes sense to prioritize your home interior, giving less attention to the exterior of your home may give passersby a wrong impression of your interior and hurt the chances of selling your home. After all, if a home’s exterior is unappealing, its interior shouldn’t be any better.

Let’s Begin With the First DIY Curb Appeal Tip:

1. Spring Clean From the Outside In

Spring cleaning is a common tradition. It involves thoroughly cleaning a home or a room during spring. While spring cleaning may seem like an excellent way to freshen up your interior, you shouldn’t disregard your exterior.

Every spring, take time out to carry out exterior cleaning projects. Your cleaning routine may include scrubbing down your front door and exterior trim, power washing your siding and walkways, inspecting decks and patios, inspecting roof shingles, and examining the landscaping.

2. Rake, Mow, Prune, and Weed

Your landscape is an important part of your home. Thus, it would be best if you gave it maximum attention. Are there weeds growing on your landscape? Get rid of them either manually or with the aid of chemicals like trifluralin, bensulide, DCPA, dichlobenil, or oryzalin. Lawn companies use these compounds to kill weeds before they germinate.

If your landscaping needs a little improvement, creating a stunning flower garden will go a long way. Alternatively, you can spruce it up by taking time to maintain what is already there.

Create a regular landscaping maintenance schedule and stick to it. Ensure that the schedule includes all the basic landscaping maintenance tips like cleaning up fallen leaves, raking away thatches, trimming your plants, etc.

3. Clean Up Your Driveway

Did you know that your driveway can raise your property’s value by 5-10%? Having a neat driveway doesn’t only add value to your home, but it also helps improve its functionality and parking. Today, make it a habit to clean your driveway regularly.

If there are cracks in your driveway, have them resealed for an affordable but impactful improvement. You can also consider edging the sides of the driveway with stones or beautiful plants. And oh, don’t forget to add pathway lighting on either side of your driveway for a modern look.

If perhaps, you wish to go the extra mile to spruce up your driveway, you can consider contacting Concreters Perth for a new concrete driveway. You can also leverage their pool edge installation services to create an attractive lip cover over your pool.

4. Update Your Front Door

Is your front door appealing, or does it look old and stained? Remember, after your landscape, your front door is one of the things that capture the attention of a visitor or passerby. So it is important you ensure that your front door is attractive enough to make a first impression.

Consider adding a fresh coat of paint to your door. If the door is old or damaged, it is best to get a new one. You could also add a fresh doormat to make your entrance more presentable.

5.     Decorate and Declutter

Decorating your indoor space with various accessories can go a long way. However, going extreme with your decorations can overwhelm your exterior space, thus defeating the purpose of decorating it in the first place.

To ensure that you don’t clutter your exterior with outdoor decorations, you’ll have to find your perfect balance. Inspect your outdoor space carefully, then proceed to add or remove decorative items until you achieve the right balance. Remove big stuff like porch and patio furniture, including smaller items such as garden décor, flags, tree topper, ornament and other seasonal accessories etc.

6. Add Window Boxes

What better way to spice up your window than add window boxes. Window boxes are decorative items that can make the dullest façade brim with life. You can purchase one of these boxes or build one for your window if you have the skill. As soon as they are in place, you can use them to plant flowers, herbs, or other types of greenery. You can even place fake plants in them if you aren’t ready to cater to an actual plant.


Your home exterior tells a lot about your lifestyle and taste. For this reason, ensure you invest enough time and effort in ensuring that it is presentable. If you have the money, you can contact a professional landscaper to breathe life into your landscape.

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