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Is It Better to Sell a Home Empty or Staged?

Are you selling your home but aren’t sure whether you should stage it or empty it? This article will give you the answer you are looking for and much more!

Many choices must be made as a homeowner prepares to put their house on the market. When is the best time to sell a property? What price should the home be listed for? Who will be in charge of selling the property? These are just a few examples of popular seller queries. Another frequent question that sellers who don’t live in their homes ask is whether it is better to sell their home empty or staged.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both selling a home empty and selling a home that is staged. It ultimately comes down to what the seller is most comfortable with and what will work best for their property.

Is It Better to Sell a Home Empty or Staged?What Sells Quicker A Staged Home Or A Empty One?

There are several advantages and disadvantages to selling a property empty, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of selling it staged. Homeowners must balance the home security, benefits, and drawbacks of each option before deciding whether or not to sell their houses empty or staged. Read on to learn what the advantages and drawbacks are of either choice.

How Does Home Staging Work?

You’ve undoubtedly seen one if you’ve ever been to a movie set. A staged home has been prepared in a style that appeals to the greatest number of purchasers.

  • When a home is staged, furniture, decorations, paintings, and overall décor are frequently introduced into it to make it more attractive.
  • Many home staging suggestions do not call for extra furniture, decorations, or other goods to be brought into a property.

For example, to make rooms appear larger, remove furniture rather than add them (in this case, such as a TV stand). Home staging should make a home look better, brighter, and more appealing without making it feel cluttered.

  • Home staging companies exist and offer their services for an additional fee.
  • These businesses specialize in preparing properties for sale by dressing them up in a way that will make them more attractive to potential buyers.

What Are The Benefits Of A Staged Home?

The ability to paint a picture for potential buyers is arguably the most significant advantage of staging a house when selling. When staging a house, one can let a buyer see themselves living in the property.

  • If you’ve ever been inside a model home that has been staged, you’ve undoubtedly seen comfy sofas, ornate mirrors on the walls, and other items that make the home look inviting and cozy.
  • Since the greatest number of home buyers start their hunt online, another advantage of staging a property is that a staged house will usually appear better in photographs than an empty one.

It’s still essential, however, to ensure that any pictures you take of home are high-resolution and excellent. Using high-resolution photos when marketing real estate is a must whether the property is staged or not.

  • Staging may be a smart alternative for people who have an odd shape or are little in their home.
  • Another advantage of selling a staged property is the ability to demonstrate to potential customers that a peculiarly shaped or tiny room can be used productively.
  • For instance, a home with an oddly shaped room might stage that area as a reading nook or office.

On the other hand, if you have a small bathroom, you can use towels, stylish soaps, and other things to show that the space is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

What Are The Drawbacks Of A Staged Home

It is critical to keep in mind that staging a property may cost more money. The most significant disadvantage of staging a home is the expense of doing so.

  • It might be costly to stage a house depending on what is done to it.
  • When deciding whether to put your house on the market empty or prepared, remember that it may cost extra money upfront to stage a property.
  • The amount of time it takes to properly stage property is one of the negatives associated with it.
  • To adequately stage a home may require the purchase and installation of specific pieces of furniture and decorations.

Many stagers will attempt to utilize belongings that a homeowner already has, but they may not have all of the staging components.

What Are The Benefits of A Empty Home?

The most common home selling challenge that many house sellers confront is potential buyers who are unable to picture a property when it has been staged or lived in. Many purchasers, like others, can envision their personal touches on a property when there is only a blank canvas in front of them.

  • This can be another benefit of selling an empty property.
  • The current owner shows that they have moved on and the property is immediately available.
  • This is especially appealing to purchasers looking for quick possession.

An empty house also provides a sense of peace and serenity. It may be easier for some people to relax and imagine their lives in an empty property as opposed to one that has been furnished.

  • It can also be less work for the seller when it comes to preparing the house for viewings.
  • The decision of whether to stage or leave a property empty when selling is a personal one.

Some people feel that the expense and time required to stage are not worth it, while others feel that the benefits of staging make it worthwhile. It would be best if you decided what is right for you and your home.

Is It Better to Sell a Home Empty or Staged?What Are The Drawbacks Of A Empty Home?

One of the most significant drawbacks of selling an empty home is that it lacks the same warm and fuzzy feeling as a staged property.

  • When deciding whether to sell your house vacant or prepared, keep this in mind.
  • A staged property may appear more inviting. It can be difficult to convey warmth and welcome with photos of an empty home.
  • If you are selling in a buyer’s market, this may not be as big of an issue.

The second disadvantage of an empty house is that it does not demonstrate how a certain room may be utilized. It will be difficult for potential buyers to determine if the room is empty and if it is a tiny space that you want to use as a home office.

  • If you’re selling your property directly, you might have to spend more time with each customer, explaining how the rooms can be used.
  • However, if you don’t take precautions, this may result in break-ins and property damage.
  • It’s critical to follow certain guidelines to increase the probability that your house will stay secure and unharmed.

The third disadvantage of selling an empty house is that flaws are typically more obvious in an empty house than they are in an occupied or staged one. It’s critical to reveal known problems with the property while advertising a residence.

  • Flaws such as minor scratches on a floor will stand out more in an empty home than they would in a staged one.
  • An empty house may also show more wear and tear due to the lack of furniture.
  • This is why it’s essential to keep the property as clean as possible when selling an empty house.

When selling a vacant home, it’s conceivable that buyers will believe they can buy the property for less than market value because the seller is desperate to sell. This is a typical buyer mentality that frequently results in lowball offers in real estate.

What Are The Facts On Staging A Home Or Leaving It Empty?

When deciding whether to sell your home empty or staged, there are several Benefits and Drawbacks to consider. Furthermore, when selecting if it’s better to sell your property empty or staged, some numbers should be considered. The following are some significant statistics from the National Association of Realtors relating to house staging.

  • An Average average to stage a home would be $650-675.
  • Half of Realtors feel that staging a property has an impact on buyers
  • A Little less than half of Realtors® believe it does not affect a buyer at all
  • Less than 5% of Realtors® believe it has no impact.

Here are some of the most important rooms to be staged, in order of importance:

  1. living room
  2. kitchen
  3. master bedroom
  4. dining room
  5. bathroom
  6. children’s room
  7. guest bedroom

Given the data above, there are several compelling reasons to stage your home. As you saw there can be a couple of challenges to selling an empty house, as mentioned above, but the benefits of staging usually outweigh them.

Is It Better to Sell a Home Empty or Staged?Conclusion

There are numerous choices to make when selling a property. Some sellers will have to pick whether to sell their homes vacant or pre-furnished. There are advantages and disadvantages to both selling a house empty and staging it. It is important to tell home sellers that house staging does not always sell a property. In a buyers market, an empty house might be better. It will show that the seller is not desperate to sell. Do not be fooled by the real estate agent who claims to be a certified staging professional. Many times they will tell you that you should hire them. The most important thing to remember is your property must be priced correctly. When you add that with the appropriate marketing methods your home should sell in no time.

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