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Kitchen Plumbing Remodel: When to Do It and Why You Should Hire a Plumber

When to Do a Kitchen Plumbing Remodel

An efficient plumbing system is the heart of a fully functioning kitchen. Like all other parts of your home, your kitchen plumbing system and fixtures usually get damaged or become obsolete over time. This reduces the functionality of your kitchen, leaving you frustrated and unable to perform everyday tasks like meal preparation, cooking, and dishwashing. So, when should you do a kitchen plumbing remodel, and should you hire a plumber?

You should do a kitchen plumbing remodel when your plumbing system is old, your utility bills are rising, and when you are experiencing water issues constantly. Other times when you should do a kitchen plumbing remodel are when you are looking to improve the convenience and comfort levels of your kitchen and when the system is no longer meeting your family’s needs.

Remodeling your pipes and fixtures with a professional plumber hired by a team emergency plumber can enhance your kitchen’s overall functionality. It can meet your unique family needs, suit your style, improve comfort levels, and make your home more modern. It can in most cases, also boost your home’s market value. Read on to learn more about your kitchen plumbing remodel.

Kitchen Plumbing Remodel When to Do It and Why You Should Hire a Plumber

When Should You Consider a Remodel? 

You should monitor your lines and fixtures at all times. Doing that will allow you to spot repair issues and get them fixed instantly. But how do you know it’s time to upgrade your plumbing instead of spending more money on repairs? You should consider upgrading systems and fixtures in your kitchen in the following situations:

You Have an Older Plumbing System 

An older system is less efficient than a new one. It is also prone to repairs, creating inconveniences and unplanned expenditures. Older systems may also feature lead pipes that expose you and your family to serious health risks. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that consuming lead-contaminated water can cause various health problems, including kidney issues, high blood pressure, reproductive problems, and cognitive disabilities in children. 

Congress banned lead pipes in 1986 but did not order a replacement for homes and buildings already connected with these pipes. That means many homes still use these pipes that release toxic lead into the water. Consider an upgrade if your system is several decades old and uses unsafe lead pipes.

Your Utility Bills are Constantly Rising

You should consider a replacement if your utility bills keep increasing on a monthly basis. The constant increase in these bills indicates a problem with your fixtures. It also means your fixtures are inefficient in water and energy consumption.

A remodel is a perfect opportunity to replace your existing fixtures and appliances. Investing in energy- and water-efficient fixtures can help you lower your bills. Fitting water-saving taps on your sink is an example of an upgrade that can help reduce your bills. A tankless water heater is another appliance that can help cut your heating costs substantially. Consult your plumber regarding other measures you can take to decrease your utility bills.

You Have Constant Water Issues

Are you experiencing recurring problems with your water? Perhaps you are dealing with low water pressure or discolored water. Maybe your pipes are leaking, or your faucets are dripping. A remodel may be necessary if you are constantly dealing with these problems. 

Discolored water indicates the presence of rust inside your pipes. This rust stems from corroding pipes that are likely to burst. Mineral buildup can also cause water discoloration and increase the likelihood of your pipes bursting. Discolored water is also harmful to you and your family. So, the sooner you replace the pipes, the better.

Kitchen Plumbing Remodel When to Do It and Why You Should Hire a Plumber

Improve Comfort Levels in Your Kitchen

A plumbing remodel can boost the functionality of your home’s kitchen, improving convenience and comfort levels. Installing a garbage disposal can help keep your drains clog-free at all times. It can also reduce your trips to the trash bin. 

Installing a new faucet can boost the functionality of your space and give it a whole new look. A motion-sensor faucet, for instance, can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space while saving you money on your water bills. The touchless faucet makes turning on the water easy and minimizes the spread of germs. 

The System No Longer Meets the Constantly Changing Needs of Your Family 

You need to constantly upgrade your plumbing to address the ever-evolving needs of your family. You cannot keep on relying on a single sink when your family has expanded. Installing a new sink allows more family members to assist with the dishwashing tasks. You can upgrade your current sink to a bigger one if you don’t have space for an additional sink. 

Setting a water filter below your sink is a basic and cost-effective upgrade. The filter supplies your home with clean, chemical-free water at all times. It saves you money and all the hassles of purchasing water filter jugs regularly to meet your family’s clean water needs. These filter jugs are usually big and occupy plenty of space in your refrigerator. 

Bring Down Your Future Maintenance Expenses 

Upgrading fixtures in your kitchen can help reduce your maintenance costs in the future. An old system will be prone to problems, such as pipe leaks and clogged drains. So, it will require regular maintenance and repair to keep functioning. A new one will be less prone to issues, saving you from costly maintenance and repair. 

Why You Should Hire a Plumber for Your Upcoming Remodeling Project 

Upgrading a kitchen is generally a complex and costly project. Meticulous planning, a keen eye for details, experience, and advanced equipment are necessary for a successful remodeling project. Trying to do this job yourself can cost you time and money. You might also end up with a non-functional kitchen. Hiring a professional is your best chance of getting the job done properly the first time while saving you time and money. Here are some reasons for hiring a professional plumber for your next project. 

Creating a Well-Organized and Functional Design 

A new design must consider the appropriate position for all appliances, such as the fridge, stove, and dishwasher. A professional will examine the layout of current pipes and advise you on creating a well-organized and fully functional design. A full redesign of your drainage system may be necessary if you intend to bring down walls to expand your space. A plumber with experience in handling remodeling projects can explain the patterns of your current plumbing lines. The technician can also help you identify the ideal areas for positioning your fixtures. 

Compliance with Building Codes 

Your remodeling project must adhere to building codes to avoid harmful and unsafe conditions. An experienced technician is conversant with all the national and local building codes. He or she can prepare compliant plans and obtain the required permits before embarking on the remodeling project. 

Guarantees Best Results 

You need to hire a licensed and experienced plumber for your project to be successful. He or she can tell you what is feasible and what’s not after listening to the kind of project you are envisioning. 

Plumbing Addition, Upgrade, and Rerouting

Costs can increase substantially when redesigning your kitchen’s whole layout. A plumbing upgrade, addition, or rerouting may be necessary to create room for new fixtures. An additional sink or dishwasher, for instance, may require new lines to be created. A professional can perform these tasks quickly and properly without interfering with the structural integrity of your home.

Kitchen Plumbing Remodel When to Do It and Why You Should Hire a Plumber


A kitchen plumbing remodel is a major project. It requires the services of a professional plumber to ensure everything is done right away from the onset to prevent problems down the road. Working with an experienced plumber allows you to build an aesthetically appealing, fully functional kitchen that improves comfort levels in your home and meets the ever-evolving needs of your family.

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