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Springtime Home Maintenance Checklist

Home Maintenance Checklist for Spring

For several months, all of the projects we wanted to do around the house gets put on hold. And we wait… Well, now springtime has finally dawned in your part of the country, which means you can safely leave the blankets and space heaters in the closet and emerge from hibernation.

Yes, the warmer weather is on its way, the sun will start setting later giving us ample hours of daylight, and the list that we have been compiling throughout the winter has surfaced to the top of our “things to do” list.

So, what should be included on your springtime home maintenance checklistIt’s time for springtime home maintenance. You may be surprised what needs attention after a winter of little use. The biggest task will be checking all exterior surfaces for damage and preparing them for another season ahead by using touch-ups or possibly even repainting/staining if needed.

It’s always easier to do these preparations when the weather is cool because it allows time for any coats or treatments applied to dry fully before extreme heat sets in later on in the year. The only exception would be having metal roofs.

Depending on where you live, winter weather can have a huge impact on your house and cause little bits of damage that you may see or be aware of. When you discover damage, take some time to think about what may have caused it and how it can be prevented in the future (i.e. if a puddle of water has formed by your front door due to snow melting off your roof, consider adding gutters – or at least keep any snow from accumulating on the upper reaches of your roof).

Springtime Home Maintenance ChecklistStarting Your Spring 2022 Home Maintenance Checklist

First things first, make sure that you do some inventory on your toolbox. Yes, it has been packed away; probably in the laundry room or somewhere in the garage. There is almost a guarantee that there are some items you need to grab at your local hardware store to prepare you for your home maintenance projects.

Once you are sure you have the tools ready to tackle the list, check these items on our springtime home maintenance checklist for 2022.

Clean Out Vents

Any vent that leads outside (bathroom, range, or dryer vent) should be cleaned out and any leaves, plants, or other debris should be cleared away from it. Plants are attracted to the moisture-rich air those vents are blowing outside, so removing them helps to prevent fires and also keeps them from growing inside of your home.

Open Up Your Attic

The attic is another vulnerable spot for damage because it is usually only accessed during major maintenance procedures (i.e.: new installation, ventilation removal). Once spring rolls around, make it a point to head up there and glance around for any signs of leaks, stains/mold growth, excess insulation seems/noise insulation gaps, etc.

This will have to be done during both cool and warm weather since you want to be sure any problems are caught early. Even if you have no intentions of entering the attic this year, at least do a thorough scan if possible.

Replace Torn Window Screens

Although your home might be safe from pests on the interior, having cracked or torn window screens invite insects into your home. Make sure to take the torn or broken screens out, and buy new ones. They can be purchased for about $10.00.

Hose Down Patio Furniture

A thorough hose down of your patio furniture using a mild dishwashing soap is just the ticket to remove salt, dirt, and other residues. Rinse with fresh water and allow them to dry thoroughly before bringing them back into storage for the season.

Wash Windows & Siding

This task should be done on a cloudy day so that any streaks can be more easily seen and removed. It’s also important not to use ammonia or vinegar-based products as they will damage certain types of siding materials.

If you have the access to do power-washing, this will help you get some of the toughest dirt and grime off of your house and the sidewalks and driveways as well.

Clean Out All Porches & Garage

Cobwebs are a sign that spiders have made your porch or garage their home, so it’s important to clear these areas of all the webs. Clean out any spider nests you come across and sweep away any dust or dirt build-up.

If you can’t reach high enough in some areas to do this task safely, use a broom handle with a rag tied around one end for help. Use an old toothbrush to get into grooves and cracks to remove any cobwebs there.

Clean the Air Conditioner Unit

When it’s still cool out, remembering to clean the air conditioner unit is usually not very high on our list of things to do. But doing so will make it last longer and more efficient during the next cooling season.

Give your hose a good wash down, and clear away any debris from the outdoor unit of your air conditioning unit. It doesn’t take much time to do this small task. Better to do the maintenance than face a replacement in the long run.

Clean the Gutters

Another area that we tend to neglect until it’s too late is the rain gutters and drains on our home’s roofline.

Get that tall ladder out and grab some gloves. Make sure that there isn’t any buildup and all drain openings are free of debris so water flows freely through them again.

Springtime Home Maintenance ChecklistThoroughly Inspect Your Roof

While you’re up there with the gutters, go ahead and check the roof. We all know that harsh weather conditions will affect our roof for over a year, but if you haven’t had problems with leaks in the past then giving it a quick inspection should be enough to ensure that everything is secure.

You can do this by walking around your roof or using a step ladder to gain access. Maintenance includes anything that may need to be repaired – loose shingles, missing vents, etc. if you feel more comfortable having someone else inspect your roof, call on the services of a professional.

Drain & Clean Watering Canes

If you have watering canes in your home, it’s important to remember to drain these wells after each season so that the water doesn’t stagnate. Remove old plant materials and clean any mineral deposits that have built up on the exterior of them.

Check Oil Levels in Your Lawn Maintenance Equipment

If you maintain an outdoor garden or are very invested in having a good lawn, there is usually some maintenance to be done in springtime with your equipment, but this task can often get ignored while preparing for all the other things on our list.

Get the equipment out and make sure the oil levels are correct in your lawn mower or tractor before placing them away until winter had fully said goodbye.

Clean Out Your Gas Barbeque Grill

After the last fire has been extinguished from your barbecue grill, you should always remember to scrape out any ashes that remain in it. This task will help remove moisture that might cause rusting when left inside which can weaken the metal. Let’s be honest. Most of us don’t do that; so before you fire up the grill again, give it a good cleaning.

Clean Out Your Wheelbarrow

This item is used in springtime for moving all of that dirt and debris that can accumulate in our properties over winter. Start by scraping off any dirt, leaves, or other materials from the wheelbarrow itself before putting it away for its long rest until next year.

Store Away Furniture & Floor Care Items

Spring is usually not a time when we are thinking about laying out rugs or bringing furniture back inside after their winter storage, but if you want to get them back into your home with less effort once winter is over, now’s the time to store them for their long winter hibernation.

Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

This task can be a little more involved depending on what type of furniture you have outside, but generally speaking wood should be given a good cleaning and oiling after its winter slumber so it stands up well in warmer weather again. Other materials might only need a good sweeping before being stored away until next year.

Remember to Change Your Water Filters

If you have your home’s water system connected to a filtration unit, now’s the time to change that water filter before it gets clogged up with all of the dirt and debris that accumulates outside during wintertime. You might want to consider having two filters on hand so you can swap them over quickly; this means less downtime if your one filter fails.

Springtime Home Maintenance ChecklistCheck Your Batteries

Replace any dead batteries in flashlights, remotes, or similar items before placing them away for their long winter hibernation. It would be wise to carry spares with you if you know they are going to need replacing; nothing is more frustrating than having a flashlight fail when you need it the most.

That means, when the seasons change, you want to make sure that the place that your family calls home is at its best. Take our list, your toolbox, and a measure of gumption, and in the end, you’ll be satisfied that you are ready for the beautiful seasons ahead.

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