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Different Shower Fitting Ideas For Your Home

Different Shower-Fitting Ideas

The bathroom is one of the most popular rooms in any home, as we all use our bathrooms every day. So, if it is to be used frequently, it needs to be comfortable and appealing, as it is an intimate place. So, it’s no surprise that a lot of detail and planning goes into the bathrooms of our homes. When planning out the bathrooms, care has to be taken to ensure that all the necessities fit in properly and nicely. There are different showers available to pick from, but it all depends on the available space. As the showers that are to be mounted in the rooms are dependent on the available space.

So, what are some different shower-fitting ideas for your home? Some different shower fitting ideas for your home are an electric shower type, a shower with a digital thermostat, a composite shower, and a pressure shower. 

So, if you are stuck on the details and planning of the shower fittings in your bathroom, look no further! As in this blog post, we will be discussing each of the different shower fitting ideas for your home in detail, as well as looking into the other key aspects of planning out your bathroom and shower. So, keep reading to find out how to plan out your perfect bathroom!

Different Shower Fitting Ideas For Your Home

Shower Fittings

Some people look at appearances, while others prefer functionality. Those who prefer beauty make it a priority when selecting a shower and other fixtures in the bathroom. They want to go for the most aesthetically pleasing one or one that matches their home decor and ambiance. But in reality, that is not the only thing to look at. Below, we will discuss the various types of shower fittings based on functionality in this shower guide.

Different Shower Fittings

From the electric to the normal shower fittings, there are a lot of fittings to select from. In this modern age, there are a variety of shower fittings available to select from. This all depends on what you want and the availability of resources to serve as a guide. Some types of bathroom fittings include the following:

1. The Electric Shower Type

This is a true engineering marvel because it helps produce hot water in the shower. They do so without any water stored, meaning the heating is done at a moment’s notice. This is good for places that have limited space because there will be no need for a mounted heating system that works with gravity. A downfall to this fitting is that it doesn’t work well with low water pressure. A low-pressure shower head will go well with this shower fitting as it will help increase the water pressure when showering.

2. Shower with a Digital Thermostat

The digital thermostat shower is a modern shower type that makes the steering experience amazing. This works with both cold and hot water to give you the best of both worlds. The temperature is regulated using a thermostat. That is why it is called a digital shower.

3. Composite Shower

When you hear the word composite, you know it’s a mixture, and in this case, it deals with water. This shower fitting is more suitable for bathrooms with larger spaces because it works with a water heater. This means it needs space for the heater to be mounted without obstructions. This is more like the digital thermostat shower, but less digital and more manual. Temperature regulation is done by hand by mixing both the cold and the hot water. There is no thermostat to tell the temperature, so it is checked by hand. This shower is less safe than the other jobs at one but is more economical and budget-friendly.

4. Pressure Shower

This shower fitting delivers pressurized water. The high-pressure shower head increases the normal water pressure so that the output is high and uniform. So, in cases where the water pressure is low, this shower can be used to compensate for it. It does so by the use of a pump system that puts pressure on the water system. 

Some Materials Used For Making Showers

There are different shower types available, ranging from small to large. As the sizes of showers vary, so do the materials used in their production. Here are some materials used in making showers. Some materials used are:


Plastic is a common material that is used in the production of shower fittings. They are used because of their high level of durability and heat resistance, as well as their high resistance to pressure and breakage. They are used not only for making showers but also for tap heads and other bathroom accessories. What makes plastic a suitable material for showers is that it does not rust under any conditions, meaning clean water gets to flow through them.

Stainless Steel

This metal alloy is a common material used in the manufacture of many products. An example of such products is shower fittings. They are used in the production of shower materials. It is a good material because it does not get rusted, hence the name. This makes it a suitable material to be used because it is exposed to water a lot, and water causes rusting. They tend to be more costly than the ones made using plastic.

Different Shower Fitting Ideas For Your Home


Brass is an alloy that is composed of copper and zinc. Its proportions are flexible and allow for varying mechanical, electrical, and chemical properties. Brass has a rich history of use and has been known to be a popular material for decoration. Its properties include a low melting point and high workability and durability.

Cleaning brass requires some elbow grease and knowledge. However, common household products can be used. You should wear gloves when cleaning brass in public areas. You should also avoid the use of commercial polishes because they contain acids and ammonia, which can cause dezincification. Instead, you can prepare an abrasive slurry using precipitated calcium carbonate or other harder abrasives.


PVC molding is a new high-tech alternative to wood trim for showers. This type of molding is resistant to rust and corrosion and is perfect for showers that use waterproof panels. It is used to cover joints between the waterproof panel and the backer board. It can also be used to conceal nail holes.

PVC trim can be easily cut to fit the size of your shower. You can either use the broken pieces to get the right length or use the perimeter measurement as a guide. Quarter-round PVC trim can easily be cut with a miter saw since it cuts like wood. It also comes with a sanding block, which will help round off the ends.

Related Questions

What Is the Most Common Shower Size?

Most showers are designed to fit the standard size of a bathtub, which is typically 60 inches long by 30 inches wide. However, there are a variety of shower sizes available on the market today, so it is important to know your options before making a purchase.

What Type of Shower Is Easiest to Keep Clean?

There are a few factors to consider for a shower that would be the easiest to clean. First, the type of showerhead can make a big difference. A detachable showerhead is much easier to clean than a fixed one, as you can simply remove it and soak it in vinegar or another cleaning solution. Another factor is the material of the shower itself, as a smooth surface like glass or ceramic tile is much easier to clean than a textured one like stone or brick. Finally, the layout of the shower can also impact how easy it is to keep clean. A shower with a door that opens outward is much easier to clean than one with a door that slides open or closes.

In general, the easiest type of shower to keep clean is one with a detachable showerhead, smooth surfaces, and an outward-opening door.

Different Shower Fitting Ideas For Your Home


When planning out the bathrooms, care has to be taken to ensure that all the necessities fit in properly and nicely. This is so that the space available is not insufficient. The showers to be mounted in the rooms are dependent on the available space. With there being so many different showers available to pick from, it is hard to find the right options for you and your bathroom. So, we hope that this article about the different shower fitting ideas for your home was helpful in planning out your bathrooms. Thanks for reading!

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