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Best Ladder for Cleaning Gutters 2023

Tired of lugging around your bulky, cumbersome ladder? Make your life a little easier with the Ohuhu Telescopic Extension Ladder. Crafted from premium aluminum alloy, this ladder is lightweight and easy to carry. It’s just as strong as it is portable— the rungs can support up to 330 lbs. It’s the perfect tool to help you paint walls, change light bulbs, clean windows, clean the gutters, repair the roof, and so much more.

Best Ladder for Cleaning Gutters

When it comes to your home, you want to get the best product. We don’t mean the most expensive products, but the overall best when considering safety, reviews, and affordability. If you’re planning on maintaining your gutters soon, then you may just be looking for the best ladder for cleaning gutters. Gutters are surprisingly integral in preventing water damage to your home, and we want to make sure you get the best ladder to service your home’s gutter. Whether you’re working on maintaining or winterizing your home, we have the best tips for choosing a ladder to reach your gutter. Here are some points to consider:

  • Height: Since cleaning your ladder means working at a most likely fair height, this is a crucial thing to consider. It will be essential that you know the height of your roof, and therefore the tops of your gutters. Knowing the height of your gutters will ensure that you can reach them in the first place! Be sure to measure the height and compare it to your ladder options so that you don’t end up getting a ladder that’s too short. Usually, a ladder that’s around 16 feet is ideal for a one-story house.
  • Strength: This is also vital when it comes to getting a good ladder for gutter cleaning. You will be putting your weight on this ladder, as well as doing labor from it while cleaning out your gutters. You’ll want to make sure that your ladder isn’t flimsy and can hold your weight while working. It’s a good idea to get a ladder with adjustable legs if you have some rougher and uneven terrain around your home.
  • Grip: Again, you want the highest level of functionality when it comes to getting a ladder to do gutter work. Finding a ladder with an excellent grip on the steps is essential. Your safety is more important than saving a few bucks, so be sure to invest in a ladder with exceptional grip.

1. Ohuhu 12.5 FT Aluminum Telescoping Ladder, One-Button Retraction Extension Ladder

Tired of lugging around your bulky, cumbersome ladder? Make your life a little easier with the Ohuhu Telescopic Extension Ladder. Crafted from premium aluminum alloy, this ladder is lightweight and easy to carry. It’s just as strong as it is portable— the rungs can support up to 330 lbs. It’s the perfect tool to help you paint walls, change light bulbs, clean windows, clean the gutters, repair the roof, and so much more.



2. TACKLIFE Telescoping Ladder, 17 Feet Aluminum Extension Ladder with 2 Flexible Wheels, Safe Protective Switch, Non-Slip Rubber Feet

multipurpose ladder is one more uniquely design ladder. Like the name the ladder allow a user to modify the ladder structure according to the user need. As its name suggests, this type of ladder can serve as a staircase, wall, single, double-sided, work platform, straight, scaffold, or extension ladder. In other words, this multifunctional piece allows users to work safely in any application. Clearing speaking, the ladder allows a user to convert it into stepladderextension laddertelescoping ladder, an alternative staircase and few more. Besides it is very strong and absolutely self-supported that help user to reach in much height place.


We have been trying to access our roof to clean the gutters for quite some time now and we’re looking for a ladder that is durable and strong. At first I wanted to get those extension telescoping ladder said pull down to a very small ladder like that looks like a stepstool. But I saw some videos online where those collapsed easily and safety is my first concern any time using any tools. I’ve used it inside the house and also outside the house. I have used it used as a stepstool and a fully extended ladder. It has wheel on the bottom so that made it easy for me to move it from one spot to the next. The levers and pull tabs on the side can make this go from a full ladder to a step stool to a 90 degree ladder. I have used it on uneven ground outside my house and I felt balanced and didn’t feel like I might fall at any moment. The material is heavyduty and durable. I keep it inside my shed and it doesn’t take a lot of space despite being able to reach 17feet since it is collapsed down to fit in small spaces for storage.

3. Luisladders Folding Ladder Multi-Purpose Aluminium Extension 7 in 1 Step Heavy Duty Combination EN 131 Standard (12.5 Feet)

This is a multi-use ladder for home and business use, which can be transformed into 7 different formation to fit a huge variety of different works. It is easy to reassemble by locks and hinge for extra safety. Suitable to use in any place and your work will be more easier with this ladder! Buy one ladder to meet all your needs!


4. Little Giant Ladders, Flip-N-Lite, 6-Foot, Stepladder, Aluminum, Type 1A, 300 lbs Rated 

Unlike most platform stepladders, which are often engineered to be inexpensive, the Little Giant Flip-N-Lite is engineered to be safe without being expensive. The lightweight Flip-N-Lite opens easily with just one hand and offers comfortable, deep rungs with a huge, secure standing platform. With a lightweight, slim profile and extra heavy duty construction (ANSI Type IA 300 lb. rating), the Flip-N-Lite is the perfect climb-in-comfort solution for anyone from a seasoned construction pro to a busy do-it-yourselfer


OK, I waited until I had used this ladder for two months before writing this review. I am 74 and couldn’t lift some or our older ladders.
I just moved into an older home and have used it everyday in every room and have no trouble lifting and moving it around. It is very sturdy and I feel safe climbing up and down on it. An excellent buy for what I needed and now some of my friends want one.


5. Louisville Ladder FS2008 Step Ladder, 8-Feet/250lb

Louisville Ladder eight foot medium duty fiberglass stepladder, with a 250 pound work capacity. Now features Louisville exclusive “Pro Top” designed with innovative features to improve the user’s performance when working electrical, and residential jobs. Pro top includes a magnet tray, hardware tray, curved ergonomic front, drill and tool slots, paint bucket holder, and a pipe or 2×4 holder to increase productivity and extreme durability. Also has pinch resistant spreader braces, slip resistant rubber feet, and double-rivet step construction, secured with six large headed, semi-tubular steel rivets for maximum strength. 30-Percent greater shear strength than solid aluminum rivets, to increase user safety.


I have a six foot ladder, but the extra two feet makes such a difference when working on the gutters. Even I, at 78, can move the ladder around, and get it into position. I wish I had purchased it sooner, because it makes it safer for me to get jobs done, that in the past were difficult on the six foot ladder. I used it in the house to clean ceiling fans, remove ac filter, and could not be happier with the purchase.




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