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What Is the Cheapest Roof to Install?

When it’s time to replace their roof, most homeowners ask themselves, “What will it cost?” The fact is that no matter what roofing material you choose, your roof replacement will be an investment. If your budget is limited, you’re probably seeking the “cheapest” option available. But what is the cheapest roofing material? The cheapest roof would be an asphalt shingled roof.

This is an easy question to answer but what type of asphalt shingle is the most important equation of this. That is why we’ll go through the best option for your new roof. After this article, you’ll learn about the least expensive roofing material and some factors to consider before deciding whether it’s the right type of roof for you.

What Is the Cheapest Roof to Install?

When Installing A Roof, Which Is The Cheapest?


Asphalt is the most affordable roofing material, but three distinct types of asphalt shingles vary in price and influence how much you will spend on your roof replacement.

3-tab shingles are the cheapest of the three types of asphalt shingles and are a great choice for a tight budget.

  • However, they are not as durable as the other two types of asphalt shingles and have a shorter lifespan.

The most popular asphalt shingle is the 3-tab variety, which is also the most widespread.

  • They are 15% more expensive than three-tab shingles, but they last longer and come with more warranty options.

The most costly option of the three types is luxury asphalt shingles.

  • They’ll be rough twice the cost of boxy shingles, but they’re one of the most visually attractive roofs you can imagine.
  • However, if you want to save money on your asphalt roof replacement, you should consider a 3-tab or dimensional shingle.

Additional Factors To Think About When Selecting Asphalt Shingles

The most affordable roofing material for a replacement is asphalt shingles. You also learned which asphalt shingle is best for someone on a limited budget. While cost is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to choosing which asphalt shingle is right for your roof replacement, there are a few more factors to consider, including:

How Long Do These Shingles Asphalt Shingles Last?

You will have an expectancy lifespan of your roof. You should have had this roof for several decades. You’re anticipating that a new asphalt roof will last for many years, since it is, in essence, an investment.

  • The longevity of 3-tab shingles ranges from 25 to 30 years.
  • The shortest lifespan of all three types of asphalt shingles is 25 years.
  • Dimensional and luxury shingles both have a lifetime of 30 years, but the luxury design has the potential to reach up to 50 years if properly maintained.
  • Asphalt shingles will last as long as they are correctly installed and your attic is adequately ventilated.
  • How can you guarantee that your asphalt roof will live up to its maximum potential?

Regular roof maintenance is the key to longevity for all types of asphalt shingles. You should have your roof inspected annually and cleaned as needed to prevent moss, algae, and debris from building up and affecting the lifespan of your shingles.

How Does The Asphalt Shingle Look On Your Roof?

During your first meeting with your roofing contractor, you’ll need to decide on the color and style of your new asphalt roof. That is why you must choose how essential the appearance of your new asphalt roof is to you.

  • If you are not picky about choosing a new roof, 3-tab shingles might be the answer.
  • 3-tab shingles are still attractive roofs; dimensional and luxury shingles imitate different roof types to give you a unique appearance.
  • A dimensional asphalt shingle is a solution if you want the cedar shake roof style without paying the cedar shake cost.
  • Luxury shingles provide a beautiful slate appearance but come at a higher price.

All three types of asphalt shingles offer attractive roofs. If you want your roof to stand out, consider choosing from amongst the many luxury shingle colors available.

What Is the Cheapest Roof to Install?What Are You Warranty Options With Asphalt Shingles?

Every type of asphalt shingle comes with a manufacturer’s warranty from the box. If there is an issue with the shingles themselves, this guarantee is vital to safeguard your roof expenditure.

  • You need to evaluate the warranties when selecting which asphalt shingle to install on your roof replacement.
  • The manufacturer’s warranty for a 3-tab shingle roof is only 25 years long.

However, the lifetime warranty of an architectural shingle is 50 years.

  • Both types of shingles are covered by a 30-year prorated warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Keep in mind that you may purchase both of them with the 50-year non-prorated extended warranty.

To obtain the extra warranty, you must purchase all of your asphalt roofing components (including your asphalt shingles) from the same manufacturer. This guarantee protects you after your new asphalt shingle roof is installed.

  • This warranty insures that the manufacturer pays for all of your roofing materials, including the labor cost for installation.
  • If a poorly installed roof or an ill-ventilated attic invalidates the improved guarantee, it will be void.
  • Do not take a chance, because it is critical to hire an expert contractor to replace your asphalt roof.

You can put Your Home At Risk By trying To Get The Cheapest Roof.

You have learned what to consider when selecting which asphalt shingle is right for you. Even if the cost of your new roof is always the most pressing issue.

  • When selecting asphalt shingles, keep in mind what you will get out of them in terms of appearance, durability, and warranties.
  • When you pick the correct asphalt shingle, your new roof will last for many years.
  • If you make a mistake, you may wind up spending a lot of money on repairs or replacements.

While it’s acceptable to seek the most cost-effective roofing material, you should not choose the cheapest option, as this can lead to tension and cutting corners during installation, which will end up costing you more money.

  • A low-cost roof replacement may appear to be an attractive option, but there are significant dangers.
  • Because we want everyone to avoid the problems that come with a “cheap” roof, we’ll go through the four hazards of getting the most inexpensive roof replacement imaginable.

When you try to get the cheapest roof replacement, you are likely cutting corners somewhere, which will ultimately lead to a decrease in your home’s value.

  • A low-quality roof that has been poorly installed can devalue your entire property, as it will be considered a liability by any potential buyer.
  • This is due to the increased likelihood of needing repairs or replacements sooner rather than later.

A cheap roof will also be more susceptible to damage from severe weather, as it will not have been installed correctly or with the proper materials. This could lead to costly repairs down the line, or even void your insurance.

What Are The Costs Of A Asphalt Shingled Roof?

Each roof is unique. The majority of roofs measure between 1,500 and 2,000 square feet. This category includes roofs that have fallen in. You could expect to pay anything from $6,000 to $10,000 for the work if your roof falls in this group.

  • In most cases, a new roof installation costs about $7,500.
  • You may save money on asphalt shingle installation.
  • The contractor usually takes old roofing material off before putting new asphalt shingles down.
  • If you skip this step, you’ll be able to save some of the cost of having your new roof installed.
  • There are several disadvantages to this strategy, for example, you will have an increased chance of leaks, as old roofing material may not seal properly.

However, if you choose a modest-quality material that lasts around 30 years, your new roof may cost between $9,500 and $15,500 to install.

How To Hire A Roofing Contractor?

When it is time to hire a roofing contractor, you have two options: independent contractors and roofing businesses. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Always get the best price by comparing bids and reviewing customer reviews, references, and qualifications.

Several roofing contractors may be useful for quick fixes. Large tasks like replacing your old roof might take longer to finish because they operate independently or with sub-contractors. They may, however, specialize in a certain style. Hiring an individual might be a risk, but it does ensure that you’ll work with the same person the whole time.

A roofing company is more likely to finish big projects faster, have their work covered by manufacturer warranties, provide discounts or free consultations, and use a wider range of materials. Your point of contact for each stage of the job may not be the same.

What Is the Cheapest Roof to Install?Conclusion

Asphalt shingles are the most cost-effective roofing material, with 3-tab shingles being the most affordable. Dimensional and luxury shingles are more costly but have a longer life expectancy. The price of your roof is determined by the type of asphalt shingle you choose. Before making your final decision on which shingle to select, consult with a contractor to get an estimate of the total cost.

When it comes to roofing, there are many factors to consider to make sure you get the best possible value for your money. One important factor is the cost of installation. While it’s important to seek out the most cost-effective roofing material, you should also be aware of the dangers of choosing the cheapest option. A low-quality roof that has been poorly installed can devalue your entire property and lead to costly repairs down the line. Make sure to consult with a contractor before making your final decision on which type of roofing to install.

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