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Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Garage Door in Perfect Shape

Don’t Neglect the Garage Door!

Garage doors are often forgotten and neglected, especially by those who don’t own a car. Yet, it is one of the essential parts of your home, especially if you live in a place like Scottsdale. If appropriately maintained, it can last for years.

The common problem is that these doors don’t get the proper care they should have. Keeping your garage door in perfect shape is essential to avoid accidents and costly mistakes. It is important to search for professionals in Scottsdale who can fix your garage gate. Besides that, you can keep this from happening is by following these 9 tips and tricks.

Regularly Inspect Hardware and Moving Parts

The most important thing you can do when it comes to garage door maintenance is to regularly inspect the hardware and moving parts of the door. This includes the springs, hinges, chains, rollers, cables, tracks, and other parts of the machines that work together to lift and lower your garage gate. The rollers should be lubricated periodically with a suitable lubricant (such as lithium grease) to prevent rusting. If any of these parts are worn or damaged, you should have them replaced by a professional so they don’t cause more problems later on down the line.

Cleaning the Tracks

Cleaning your garage door tracks is an integral part of regular maintenance. Dirt and debris can be caught in these tracks, and that may cause the door to stick or become off track. Use a damp rag or paper towel to wipe the tracks down.

If any stubborn messes require more attention, you can also use a plastic scraper. You should especially clean the tracks when you find they’re getting stuck while opening or closing or if they start to make loud noises.  If the rollers on the trolley are sticky, they will squeak. Clean them with a silicone-based spray and dry them with a rag. This can also be done to extend the life of your door’s motor.

It is also important to lubricate the doors. Once you are done cleaning, lubricate your garage door tracks using silicone spray or powdered graphite lubricant. You may also use a dry cloth or brush to get rid of dust and dirt from specific track areas.

After removing them from their brackets, you should lubricate the bottom rollers with good-quality silicone oil.

Keeping the Safety Sensors in Check

Garage door sensors play a significant role in gate maintenance. The sensors are used to ensure that the door is closed and there is no one or nothing under it when closing.

You can find the safety sensors near the bottom of the garage gate on both sides, and they look like two camera lenses facing each other at an angle. They are small enough not to obstruct the view, but they should always be clean and clear.

Maintaining the Springs

The springs are one of the most significant parts of your garage gate as they help lift the weight of the entire system. Based on how often you use the door, these springs will need regular maintenance to avoid snapping or damage.

Suppose you live in Scottsdale, in that case, you can search terms like Garage door repair Scottsdale, or garage repair Scottsdale to hire professionals. You have to hire a professional because these springs are usually under tremendous tension, and improper handling can be dangerous.

Inspecting Weather Stripping

The weather stripping is the piece of rubber that runs across the bottom of your garage door. It seals off the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor to keep rain, snow, and cold air out of your garage.

Make sure you check the weather stripping on both the top and bottom of your garage gate. You can do this by opening and closing the door. If it is not sitting in your garage, you will need to repair it or replace it.

Using the Auto Reverse Feature

All modern garage doors have an auto-reverse feature. This feature means that when the garage gate comes into contact with something, it will automatically go back up.

You should test this feature regularly, especially if you have young children or pets who may accidentally come close to the door while it is closing.

Place an object on the ground where the door would usually close and push the button. The door should reverse and go back up.

Inspecting the Rollers

Inspecting the garage door’s rollers is an excellent way to ensure that it functions properly. The rollers are in charge of moving your garage gate up and down, so they are constantly subjected to friction and wear and tear.

It also ensures that your garage door runs smoothly and doesn’t have any issues. It is critical to inspect them regularly and lubricate them as needed.

Looking for Rust

Rust forms due to oxidation, which is a chemical reaction that occurs when metal is exposed to water and air. If left untreated, rust will break down the structural integrity of your garage gate, causing irreparable damage that can cost you a fortune.

Carefully check for any visible rust because rust is one of the biggest causes of damage to garage doors.

Cleaning and Painting

It’s essential to clean your garage gate at least once a month to keep it in good shape. You can mix warm water with dish soap for cleaning the door. The first step would be to spray the mixture on one panel at a time using a soft cloth or sponge.

After cleaning, you will have to wait for five minutes until the panels are dry. If there is any damage to the panels, you should consider painting them to protect them from further damage. The color of the paint should match the original color of your door.

Bottom Line

Keeping your garage door in perfect shape is essential. If your garage gate isn’t running smoothly, you’re at a greater risk for injury.

Proper care and upkeep will be crucial to keeping your garage doorway in good shape. As long as you have your garage door in excellent condition, it can last for many years before you need a repair.

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