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How Often Should Pest Control Service Your Home?

As a general rule, the exterior parts of your house should get a pest control treatment every 3-4 months to prevent any property damage.

Your beautifully crafted homes are your safe space, but the occurrence of pests can disrupt your comfort and cause sleepless nights. Some of these commonly occurring insects and house bugs like termites, cockroaches, and carpenter ants can cause major issues. The presence of pests in your living space can be harmful to the property and life-threatening to the residents. Over the years I’ve had to deal with a variety of pests and I’ve need the help of a qualified exterminator to help me control the problem. 

Having a routine pest control service can help stop the insects before they attempt to enter your home. A great pest control expert will be able to help you eliminate bugs before they can set up camp in your home. Their process will depend on various factors like the species of the target pest, the location of the house, the construction type and age, sanitation. Sometimes it’s best to let the experts do what they do best.

The Ideal Frequency of Pest Control for your Home

So how often should the pest control service have to spray your home? As a general rule, the exterior parts of your house should get a pest control treatment every 3-4 months to prevent any property damage. Meanwhile, the interiors of your home or workspace should be treated more carefully and more often. Regular bi-monthly pest control treatments can keep all the pests at bay. Depending on the severity and location of the space, the frequency of the treatments is intensified. 

If you have an ongoing pest infestation a more frequent plan may be needed to address the problem.  During these service appointments, the pest control team will seek to eliminate the pest infestation and prevent further damage. Pest maintenance should be done religiously throughout the year without fail to prevent damage to one of your most valuable assets. 

how frequent should you do pest controlWhat Causes Pest Infestation?

Here are just a few reasons pests will infest your home. Eliminating these items will make pest control easier and more effective.

  1. A cluttered home is an attraction for insects and rodents which, possibly leads to infestation. The clutter at home makes many parts of the house inaccessible. The pests can reside in these spaces without facing any disturbances. 
  2. Open entry points in the home. The rodents even carry parasitic insects like bed bugs and fleas that feed on animals and humans, threatening their health. Negligence in the maintenance of the house can lead to critical property damage. Make sure all entry points are sealed. At times, the hidden bugs and termites are barely noticeable. A proper inspection of every part of the house is necessary to avoid further damage. The areas like outdoor walls, windows, indoor walls, ceilings need special care for protection against infestation.
  3. Unclean living conditions can be a cause for an infestation. Poor hygiene and sanitation facilities inside and near the house can attract damage-causing factors. Dark and damp corners of your place are the attraction spots for spiders and cockroaches that can cause serious health issues with the droppings and residues produced by them. Whereas pests like flies, bees, ants can infect the food and other articles with the bacterias and pathogens, they carry.
  4. Seasonal Changes can drive pests inside a home. When the weather is too cold or too hot pests work to find or create entry points into your home.
  5. Sources of food inside the home will create a reason for the insects to breach your house.

How Do I Select a Qualified Pest Control Service?

Selecting the pest control agency is important; please make sure you are doing it only after proper research. Check for agencies, such as strata pest control sydney, to get help, look at what they are providing, and price. Make sure to indulge in a proper market comparison of price and services and then decide for yourself.

Is it Worth Getting Pest Control?

A frequent question I hear people ask is, “Is it worth it to get pest control?” When you look at the big picture of your family and your home this question becomes easy. When pests are invading your home they are going to do damage to the home and can be an unhealthy intruder for yourself and your family. Insects carry a variety of diseases and bacteria. As someone who has tried doing my own pest control with chemicals purchased from the hardware store, I’ve found the convenience and expertise of a professional comforting. Having the expert take care of the issue instead of my feeble attempts to address the problem has been a breath of fresh air. Although there are costs for having pest control regularly treat your home I would say the benefits pay for themselves in the long run.

Do Bugs Come Out after a Pest Control Service?

You may be concerned about seeing more insects after a pest control service visit. When the areas that bugs tend to live are sprayed it most insects will remain unseen. There are other insects that may react to the treatment and come out of their hiding places. It is normal to see some bugs out in the open after your home has been sprayed. The good news is that the chemicals are working and eliminating your pest problems. The spray has driven them from their shelter and they will usually come out into the open to die.

What are common pests that will try to get into my home?

A few common pests that will invade your basements are spiders, earwigs, roaches, crickets, mosquitos, gnats, pill bugs, wasps, centipedes, rodents, millipedes, termites, carpenter ants, flies and silverfish.


Whether it is your current home or a brand new space, getting pest control is a crucial step to follow in the list of your house maintenance services. Australian ants, bugs, termites, and cockroaches can disrupt living a carefree and peaceful life. 

The pest problem at your house or workspace is different from that of others as it generally depends on the intensity of the species and the space location. Varied and specialized pest control treatments at regular intervals help maintain healthy and pest-free living spaces.

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