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About Home Expert Report | Our Experts

About Home Expert Report | Our Experts

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Hi there! My name is Matt, and I write for Expert Home Report. I enjoy writing about everything related to home improvement, home tips and DIY. In my spare time, I’m either spending time with my family, doing a DIY project or learning a new skill.

I also rely on a team of experts to help me out with topics that I’m still learning. Below are just a few of the people that I lean on to help out with articles on a variety of home related topics.

Jeremy has experience in all types of roofing, residential, additions and new construction. He is a certified and licensed in the state of Oklahoma to do every form of roofing application

Aaron has experience in roofing and construction. He also runs a home renovations company.

Mark has more than 30 years of experience in the pest control industry. He owns and operates his own pest managment company.

Charles Lyon

Charles owns and operates his own Lyon Construction company.

Steve Allison

Home Inspections

Steve is the owner of Oklahome Inspections. He provides quality home inspections for new and current homeowners.

Terry Hall

Bathroom and Kitchen Resurfacing

Terry owns the company Bear and Bison Resurfacing. He is the best in his field at resurfacing bathrooms and kitchens.

Cody Frost

HVAC Company

Cody owns and operates a HVAC company the specializes in repairing and replacing HVAC systems.

John Onorato


John Onorato operates a AAA business in Tulsa with his partner Carl Nickles. They provide auto, home, and many other insurances.

Chase Chapman

Carpet Cleaning

Chase owns a carpet cleaning business. Blue Dog Carpet cleaning focuses on reviving your carpet and upholstery from everyday living.

Tyler Detring

Commercial Construction

Tyler has years of experience helping build church’s, shops, and other commercial buildings. Ascend Construction is the best of the best.

Matt McWilliams

Real Estate

Matt McWilliams is a real estate broker out of Houston. He also owns a cold storage facility called Cold Creek Solutions.

John Berry


John Berry owns a security camera company that provides surveillance systems for several different types of facilities including schools

Darrel owns and operates his own architectural design company.

Welcome to Expert Home Report – a site dedicated to answering your home related questions. We are a community of Home Owners, Home Experts and Investors. We utilize our team of pros to help you know how to care for and protect your most valued asset.

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