Killing Cockroaches Naturally (Tips That Actually Work)

Tried and True Tips For Killing Cockroaches Naturally

There is nothing more unwanted in a house than cockroaches, but once they find their way inside, how do you get rid of them? Most importantly, how do you get rid of them naturally? In this article, we will help you understand how to prevent cockroaches from invading the privacy of your home but also how to eradicate them without using harmful chemicals.

How do I kill cockroaches naturally?

If you are looking for a way to kill cockroaches naturally, there are many options available. These options include using:

  • Boric Acid
  • Baking Soda
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Borax
  • Petroleum jellY

Whatever remedy you choose, keep in mind that keeping your home clean and free from sitting water will help prevent further infestations.

Using Boric Acid To Kill Cockroaches

Boric acid is a simple and effective product to use in eliminating cockroaches. One easy way to use boric acid is ro sprinkle it on a paper plate and place orange peel in the middle for bait. Another method is to mix one part powdered sugar with three parts boric acid. Sprinkle the mixture behind and under the refrigerator, dishwasher and stove. Also, sprinkle it under the sink and inside the cracks around the cabinets and pantry. You can sprinkle it on the countertops, but this may not be the best idea if you have little ones running around. Though non-toxic, boric acid can be irritating to the skin.

Baking Soda Is An Inexpensive Cockroach Killer

Another option uses baking soda. Since baking soda is a multifunctional product, it is not surprising that among its many attributes it can also get rid of cockroaches. Mix equal parts sugar with baking soda in a lid or a dish. Place another lid or dish filled with water close by. The smell of the sugar will draw out the roaches and tempt them to eat the mixture. Eating the mixture and then drinking the water will cause a reaction that kills the cockroaches. Since cockroaches often eat dead cockroaches, the reaction will continue into the infestation. Refill the dishes with more bait and water as the dead cockroaches start to appear. Place more of the mixture in dishes around the areas where you usually find cockroaches. Continue refilling the dishes until your home is completely free of cockroaches.

Another Use For Diatomaceous Earth

Anyone with a pool at home most likely has a tub of diatomaceous earth (DE) next to the filter, however, the best kind of DE to use for eradicating cockroaches is EPA-registered, food-grade DE. Just a light dusting on the cockroach will be sure to damage the exoskeleton and dehydrate it until it dies. Use a little powdered sugar as bait and spread the DE on any surfaces you have seen cockroaches.

Borax Really Does It All

Maybe you’ve heard how versatile Borax can be for all your household needs, but did you know that it is also a powerful cockroach eliminator? Borax can also be mixed with powdered sugar and lightly dusted on potential cockroach infested areas.

Create A Trap With Petroleum Jelly

Although not a repellent or toxic product for cockroaches, using petroleum jelly is a great product to use in the trapping of cockroaches. Find an empty glass jar or bottle and place a little bait at the bottom. Run petroleum jelly around the upper half of the inside and tape a straw to the outside as a ramp. This creates a way for the cockroaches to easily climb in for the food and the petroleum jelly prevents them from climbing out.

Soap And Water Does The Trick

Maybe it’s time to do grocery shopping and your cupboards are bare, not to worry. All you need is some soap to create a mixture of soap and water. Spraying this mixture directly on the cockroaches will eventually suffocate them since they breathe through their skin.

How Can You Tell If You Have A Cockroach Problem?

Since cockroaches are nocturnal creatures, you may not always see them during the day. However, there are some indicators that you may have a cockroach infestation.

  1. Cockroach droppings which look like coffee grounds or pepper,
  2. Oval-shaped egg casings,
  3. Cockroach carcasses, and/or
  4. An oily or musty odor in your kitchen, bathroom or other areas.

If you see one cockroach, there are likely many more that you can’t see and that the one you saw was forced out into the open due to overcrowding. A Tulsa Pest Control company can inspect your home and identify any signs of a cockroach problem.

A Clean House Is A Cockroach-Free House

The best way to prevent cockroaches is to keep your home as clean as possible. The more sanitized your home is the more likely you will be able to lower your chances of infestation. Cockroaches are attracted to food and grease, so making sure your kitchen is clean every day is crucial. Before going to bed, take a few minutes to wipe down the countertops, wash the dishes, clean the stovetop and sweep the floor. If you make this process a regular routine, it should take no longer than fifteen minutes every night. Otherwise, make sure you take time out to do a deep clean. Sweep and mop behind appliances, vacuum and wash the carpet under sofas and furniture, and pick up any clothes or clutter from off the floor. Since cockroaches are attracted to water, mop and dry up any damp areas in your home like under the bath mat or around the sinks.

Block The Cockroaches At Every Turn

Make some time to seal up the cracks and holes in your home. Check anywhere you have seen cockroaches. With a tube of a caulk and a caulking gun in hand, look for any space that could allow cockroaches to get in. Check the pantry, cabinets and where the walls and floors meet. Also, make sure to check under the sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Fix Leaky Pipes

Cockroaches are attracted to water which is why many people find them under sinks. When it comes to cutting off water sources, here are three things you can do:

  1. Repair any leaking pipes,
  2. Do not overwater indoor plants, and,
  3. Do not let water stand in your sinks.

Use A Natural Repellant

Once you have taken all the necessary steps to prevent cockroaches from being attracted to your home, you may want to consider adding a layer of repellent to prevent future infestations. Here are four ways to repel cockroaches naturally.

One way to repel cockroaches naturally is by using catnip. Catnip is an easy-to-use and extremely effective method for repelling cockroaches. First, you will need to boil about a liter of water. Then place 8 teaspoons of catnip in the boiling water and allow it to boil for around ten minutes. Turn off the heat, letting the catnip solution cool down completely. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray thoroughly in any area where you have seen cockroaches.

The second way to repel cockroaches naturally is by using essential oils. Essential oils is a proven cockroach repellent. The strong smell of essential oils disrupts the cockroach’s hunting path. If the concentration of the oil is strong enough it will also kill the cockroach. The most effective essential oil scents are tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint. Any one of these will do the job well. As soon as you have selected your preferred oil, apply the oil to a cotton ball and wipe down anywhere you’ve seen cockroaches appear.  Alternatively, you could make a solution by mixing 15 drops of essential oil with about 10 ounces of water in a spray bottle. Then use the spray bottle to spray liberally any necessary areas.

The third way to repel roaches is using citrus. Cockroaches hate the smell of citrus. Any citrus scented household cleaners will help rebel cockroaches from your bathroom and kitchen. Placing citrus peels in strategic places around your home is also an effective repellent.

The fourth way to repel cockroaches naturally is by using cinnamon. The scent of cinnamon is more than cockroaches can handle so sprinkling some where you have an issue will help keep them at bay.

Does Vinegar Kill Cockroaches?

While vinegar is a great cleansing agent for household use, unfortunately, it does not kill cockroaches. However, since they do not like the smell, it does help deter cockroaches.

Are There Any Specific Foods That Attract Cockroaches?

All food in general attracts cockroaches. However, they are most attracted to meat, cheese, sugar, starches and grease. Cockroaches are also attracted to the smell of rotting fruits and vegetables.

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