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Best Reciprocating Saws for Pruning Trees 2023

Recommended Cordless Reciprocating Saws for Pruning Trees

A reciprocating saw is one of the most versatile power tools you can invest in when becoming a homeowner. This easy-to-manage tool is great for pruning pesky tree limbs, but it also comes in handy for a multitude of other jobs around the house! Reciprocating saws can cut through almost any building material.

You may know a reciprocating saw by another name. This tool may also be called a saws-all, an appropriate name for its versatile functionality. There are many types of reciprocating saw on the market today. It can be hard to know which saw will provide you with the best value for the cost.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the tedious research. Narrowing the options down to only the best reciprocating saws for cutting trees and pruning tree limbs. With the help of your new reciprocating saw, you will be able to cut through both large tree limbs and small branches with ease. This is one tool you are sure to use time and time again.

1. Milwaukee 2719-20 M18 FUEL Hackzall

Milwaukee Tool has been setting a high standard of excellence for nearly a decade. This reciprocating saw is no different. With an astonishing number of 5-star reviews on Amazon, I figured this tool was worth looking into. Although this reciprocating saw has many convenient features, the cordless design may be one of the most important.

Easily navigate around tree limbs or brush to easily trim exactly where you intended without the hindrance of a cord. Another feature that sets this particular tool apart is its unique one-handed design. Unlike traditional reciprocating saws, this incredible design element lends itself to increased versatility and easier use.

Milwaukee Tool has outdone themselves with the superior design of this reciprocating saw. Achieve smoother, faster cuts during any project when you utilize this model


As soon as I took this tool out of the packaging, I knew it would be a keeper. Sturdily built and well-balanced. When in use, this reciprocating saw has plenty of power and cuts through any material like butter. I have used it for several jobs around the yard and have yet to run into any problems.

best reciprocating saw for tree

2. BLACK+DECKER BDCR20C 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw

BLACK+DECKER’s 20V reciprocating saw is another model that has received many impressive reviews from professionals and DIY-ers alike. This reciprocating saw is also cordless, powered by a removable battery pack. One of the unique features of this model is the ability to change the blade without the use of tools.

In addition to the tool-free blade change, this reciprocating saw from BLACK+DECKER provides a variable speed trigger. This tool is incredibly light-weight and easy to use. Great for intense yard work or simple pruning.


This reciprocating saw has been a great addition to my toolkit. I originally purchased this model to use when pruning the greenery on my property. However, I have since discovered that I can use it to build planters and other garden features out of wooden pallets.

The quality and durability of this saw speak for themselves. I would recommend the BLACK+DECKER reciprocating saw to anyone.

BLACK+DECKER Reciprocating Saw

 3. Ryobi P517 19V Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless 2, Reciprocating Saw w/ Anti-Vibration Handle

Ryobi, another popular name in the power tool industry, is innovating the world of reciprocating saws with their anti-vibration handle. One of the most surprising features of this tool, however, is the battery life! The brushless motor of this model ensures that you will have a durable reciprocating saw for years to come.

An adjustable, pivoting shoe allows you to easily control the depth of cut. Additionally, this Ryobi model features a variable-speed trigger that allows you to use your saw both efficiently and effectively.


Prior to investing in this reciprocating saw, I was using a chainsaw to trim brush and bushes in my yard. Not only is this saw more efficient to use, but it also makes the task of maintaining my yard much more simple. Even when cutting heavy shrubs, I was shocked at how long the battery lasted.


Ryobi Reciprocating Saw


 4. KIMO 20V 4.0Ah Li-ion Brushless Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Although this model is brand new (released in early 2020), it is already making a name for itself. The KIMO reciprocating saw is a cordless model allowing for great versatility and ease of use. With a design that is incredibly lightweight, you will be able to use this reciprocating saw for hours on end, accomplishing your project right on time. This cordless reciprocating saw was built to provide the power of a corded saw with the portability of a cordless model. They definitely accomplished what they set out to create.

One of the most powerful reciprocating saws on the market today, the KIMO reciprocating saw is strong enough to cut through almost any material, including heavy brush and large tree limbs. Complete with a patented cooling system, this reciprocating saw was built to last a lifetime.


At first, I was skeptical about this brand new model. However, after the first use, I was sold. The design of the KIMO Reciprocating saw makes it incredibly easy to use, even in tight spaces. I was able to successfully trim several trees in my yard without having to recharge the battery or take a break to let the saw cool off. Excellent quality with easily replaceable blades. I’m so glad I took a chance on this one!

KIMO Reciprocating Saw

 5. WORX WX550L 20V AXIS 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw and Jigsaw

If you’re looking for a reciprocating saw that offers unique versatility, this model from WORX may be just the thing! With a 2-in-1 design, you can easily pivot the head into a jigsaw position, allowing you to have the perfect tool for any project you are working on.

Another unique feature that this model offers is a built-in dust blower to keep your working surface clean. Although you won’t often need this function while using your saw to trim trees, it provides greater versatility when working on indoor projects.


The versatility of this 2-in-1 tool makes it a win in my books! I have used this reciprocating saw for many projects around the house and have been fully-satisfied each time. I highly recommend this saw, especially for people who have limited storage space for power tools.

WORX Reciprocating Saw

Make sure to purchase pruning blades if the reciprocating saw doesn’t come with them.

pruning blades for a reciprocating saw

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