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Best Angle Grinder for Cutting Tile 2023

Angle grinders are handy power tools that can be great for several different homes or business projects, from wood cutting to cutting tile for your floor. A high-quality angle grinder is a fantastic addition to your pieces of power equipment for DIY and home projects. However, there is a wide variety of angle grinders for you to choose from, confusing some people who are new to home projects.

Best Angle Grinder for Cutting Tile

Angle grinders are handy power tools that can be great for several different homes or business projects, from wood cutting to cutting tile for your floor. A high-quality angle grinder is a fantastic addition to your pieces of power equipment for DIY and home projects. However, there is a wide variety of angle grinders for you to choose from, confusing some people who are new to home projects. Angle grinders can do much more than just cut tile, however. They can help to prepare surfaces to be painted, polish exteriors, cut pipes or sharpen blades, and more! This is a great power tool to invest in. Some factors that you should keep in mind are the following.

  • Power: For a standard angle grinder used to cut tile for your home, you should look for a tool with about 6 AMPS, which is a happy medium between a high-powered, professional angle grinder and a smaller, less useful tool.
  • Size: Typically, you will want a smaller to mid-size grinder for your home projects. These can range from 4 to 6 inches. Beyond 6 inches is a more significant size tool and used for tasks that require much more power.

If you decide to invest in an angle grinder for your home or business, it could be good to invest in a cordless option that’s around 5 inches, with amps around 6. You can find affordable, mid-price versions of this angle grinder so that you get the best value for what you pay (without breaking the bank). Remember that angle grinder aren’t just for cutting tile, though. They are super handy to have for all sorts of home projects, like cutting or sanding materials. It’s a great idea to look for angle grinders that have high reviews, are lightweight, and are powerful to use for many different home projects like cutting tile.

1. DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool, Paddle Switch, 4-1/2-Inch, 11-Amp (DWE402)

The DEWALT DWE402 4-1/2″ 11-amp Paddle Switch Angle Grinder features the next generation 11 Amp AC/DC 11,000 rpm motor, which provides the best power to weight/size ratio available (1.8HP). It’s Dust Ejection System provides durability by ejecting damaging dust and debris particles that enter the tool. The oversized brushes provide 2X brush life over previous model (D28402) and the large spiral bevel gear provides long transmission life. This grinder offers a One-Touch guard that allows for 360 degree rotation of the guard with a single action.


Really a nice grinder for those heavy duty jobs but you better be paying attention because nothing will stall it. It’s going to kick or jump instead. If you do any continuous grinding jobs, it’s just too heavy to use for extended periods.

tile angle grinder dewalt

2. Metabo HPT – G12SR4M Angle Grinder | 4-1/2″

The 4-1.2 in Disc Grinder – G12SR4 makes improvements on previous models with smaller grip diameter which contributes to easier control and less fatigue with continuous use, increased performance with a higher power input of 6.2 amp and higher overload durability. The powerful 6.2 amp motor delivers great performance on tough jobs. The new motor design creates better cooling efficiency and ensures high motor durability. The G12SR4 also has a spindle lock for easy wheel changes and includes five grinding disc. This tool is ready to work out of the box.


I have used almost every make of grinders throughout my entire career. I found that the make Walter / Metabo electric hand drills, grinders. etc.. were the best in industry. They outlasted any grinder I have used. Rugged, compact and can handle a lot of abuse. It comes in a nice case and it includes: five grinding wheels, mounted safety guard, one handle, two tightening nuts, and a wrench. For $50, it is a heck of a deal and it will last you a long time.

angle grinder metabo

3. Bosch 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder 1375A

The Bosch 1375A 4-1/2 In. Angle Grinder features a powerful 6.0-amp motor that generates all-day power. This compact but powerful tool was created for metalworkers, vehicle fabricators, plumbers and other professionals who use grinders on a daily basis. With a well-designed grip, lock-on slide switch, two-position side handle and 11,000 no-load rpm, this workhorse can get the job done.


Bosch 1375A 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder This is by far the best angle grinder I have ever owned. As an amateur metal worker, I have been through my fair share of angle grinders and none seem to compete with the ruggedness and durability of this grinder! During a knife building project, I had the grinder running for well over an hour straight with no issues or discomfort. It feels great in your hand and the extra side handle really alleviates the stress and strain on the arms and body. An A+ item for sure!

bosch angle grinder for tile

4. BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch, 6 Amp (BDEG400)

The Black & Decker BDEG400 4-1/2″ 6 Amp Angle Grinder is ideal for sharpening, cutting, grinding, removing rust and surface preparation. This grinder features a metal gear case for durability and longer life. It offers a 3-position side handle that provides added comfort and control for use with various materials and angles. It also has a spindle lock for easy accessory changes. Operates at 10,000 rpm, with a spindle size range of 5/8″ – 11 “


great product at a great price. I’ve used $25 grinders and $100 grinders in very harsh environments and found the expensive units did not last any longer or performed any better. It’s got a spindle lock so easy to change out discs


5. Bosch GWS13-50 High-Performance Angle Grinder, 5″

The Bosch GWS13-50 5-Inch Angle Grinder delivers more power than previous-generation models with the same size tool – 13 amps and 11,500 rpm. It has directed air flow that diverts dust away from vital components, and it has direct-motor cooling, giving it higher overload capabilities. For operator comfort and control, it sports a two-position Vibration Control side handle, making it less grueling to run. For user security, it an integrated acceleration sensor to limit inadvertent recoil and restart protection to protect against unintended startup.


I use mine to run a Graff wood carving disc (3 carbide teeth). This grinder is very powerful and it only bogs down when I accidentally let the disc dig in. I’m very impressed. My only complaint is that the diameter of the motor area is too large to grip with my right hand for any length of time. I have to hold it by the rubber protector where the power cord goes into it.


Q: Can I use a regular angle grinder for cutting tile?

A: While it is possible to use a regular angle grinder for cutting tile, it’s not recommended. Regular angle grinders are designed for cutting metal and wood, and may not have the power or blade to cut through tile effectively.

Apologies for the error in my previous response. Here’s the continuation of the article:

Q: Can I use a wet saw instead of an angle grinder for cutting tile?

A: Yes, you can use a wet saw for cutting tile. However, wet saws can be expensive and are generally used for larger tile projects. Angle grinders are a more versatile and affordable option for smaller tile projects.

Q: How do I cut a curve in tile with an angle grinder?

A: To cut a curve in tile with an angle grinder, you’ll need a specialized diamond blade with a curved edge. Slowly guide the blade along the curve, making small cuts until the curve is complete.

Q: How do I prevent chipping when cutting tile with an angle grinder?

A: To prevent chipping when cutting tile with an angle grinder, use a diamond blade with a continuous rim, which will provide a smoother cut. You can also use masking tape or a straight edge to mark the cut and help prevent chipping.


Cutting tile with an angle grinder can be a daunting task, but with the right tool, it can be a breeze. When choosing an angle grinder for cutting tile, consider the power, size, speed, blade, and dust collection system. The angle grinders above are all great options for cutting tile.

Remember to always wear protective gear when using an angle grinder, including safety glasses, gloves, and a dust mask. If you have any questions or concerns, consult the manufacturer’s instructions or a professional. With the right angle grinder and technique, you’ll be cutting tile like a pro in no time!

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