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5 Best Robot Window Cleaners for Large Home 2022

Imagine if you have an expensive home or live on the 15th floor of an apartment building and have to clean your windows. During the rainy season, there are many gallons worth of dirty water being flung onto them for hours at a time? A high-tech window washing robot is made to maintain glass surfaces because they’re designed specifically with this type of maintenance need in mind.

How Does A Window Cleaning Robot Work?

The window washer combines the most up-to-date cleaning technology with automated movement. It adheres to the window using a motor-powered suction to clean the entire surface automatically. The robot can clean those tall windows that you wouldn’t be able to reach on your own.

Robot Window Cleaner

Features Needed

Almost all robotic window cleaners can clean nearly every type of window. Some have basic features, but some have varying height restrictions, cleaning protocols, and capabilities. Some of these window cleaners have a simple cleaning operation while others can wash your windows while you’re at work, and some allow you to set a timer.

Control Modes and Cleaning Options

Your robot window cleaner may have a variety of cleaning modes. These frequently include cleaning routes or directions it can travel.

Connectivity via a Magnet or Vacuum Connection

Suction and magnetism are the two main types of robotic window cleaning.

Automatic Window Cleaner


While brushes or cleaning fabrics are the most frequent tools, some robotic window washers may also use a squeegee to assure that your windows are streak-free.

Battery Lifespan

Depending on the model you have, you can expect these machines to last more than 30 minutes or less than 15 minutes.

Cleaning Pads Wet or Dry

One of the features that distinguish higher-priced models from less expensive ones is this. Higher-end machines, on the other hand, typically include microfiber cleaning cloths for dry and wet cleaning.


You can choose a window cleaning robot with a power cable. Find one with enough cable length so you’ll be able to move freely about your home.

In summary, these devices are great but there are some features that you might want to consider when buying a robot. These include battery life, connectivity, controls, cleaning modes, and types of cleaning pads used.


Below is Our List of the Top Robot Window Cleaners:

1. Cop Rose X5P Window Cleaner Robot, Smart Robotic Auto Window Cleaner for Glass Cleaning

Cop Rose Window Cleaning Robot X5P suitable for multiple hard smooth surfaces: floors, desks, mop, (framed or frameless windows), frosted, wood, walls, tile, etc. Cleaning cloth can be replaced, free for 12 pcs cleaning cloth, Strong adsorption and super absorbent cleaning cloth can clean oil stand, dirt and dust, etc. Intelligent cleaning, auto mode in three directions, clean the whole window automatically. Three cleaning mode: up to down, left to right or right to left. Auto stop after job done and please keep pads wet before using..It will be a good helper in your life. Built-in Undisturbed power system, keeps running for 30 minutes after AC power is disconnected. Anti-drop control design, Auto detect window frames.


This is a very good cleaning tool for window. It is a smart self-operate robot. Connect the power cord to the product and turn on the robot, then put it on the window. It will stay. Then simply click the remote. it will do the work. This product also give four pairs of washable back up mop cloth. Change to a clean cloth then use it for second time, it can ensure the result.

Weight: ‎‎4.98 pounds

Dimensions: 11.6 x 5.98 x 5.5 inches

3.9 out of 5

2. Window Cleaner Robot with Auto Water Spray

Automatic Water Spray – This glass cleaning machine designed with ultrasonic water spray nozzle (40ml water tank), you don’t need to manually spray water any more, cleans your windows more cleanly and thoroughly. DEEP CLEAN – Window cleaning robot, household appliances, multi-surface cleaning robot, It works with a built-in vacuum motor, which helps him to suck air and to stand on the glass surface. Compatible with all types of glass, flat wall, table, floor, ceiling, window and hard-to-reach places. SAFE AND SECURE -The powerful vacuum adsorption capacity is up to 5.6K Pa, it is not necessary to climb dangerous ladders, automatic detection of window frames and obstacles, intelligent calculation path, professional safety rope, another 20 minutes of absorption protection when switched off. HIGHRISE CLEANING-This window cleaning robot definetely is a great helper, it brings comfort, practicality and safety to your life, it makes fun and save more time to windows cleaning. This window cleaner robot can reach to 6M/20ft, no problem for highrise cleaning. (2M/7ft adapter cord+ 4M/13ft extension cord) REMOTE CONTROL – Auto mode in three directions to clean the entire window automatically, you can control it via remote.


I was surprised how well this worked for the cost. It really does the job. Remember not to get the pads or windows too wet or it won’t travel. It needs the grip. No complaints. Easy to use. Solidly built. You can also wash the pads

Weight: ‎2 pounds

Dimensions: ‎12.56 x 9.88 x 6.97 inches

4 out of 5

3. AlfaBot X6 Automatic Smart Glass Cleaner Robot Vacuum

AlfaBot Window Cleaner Robot will do auto cleaning, no need to take a risk to climbing dangerous ladders to clean outside, tall or hard to reach high building windows. Furthermore, the device can be manually operated to clean under 3 modes from the remote controller – auto up then down, auto left then down and auto right then down. With two wheels to freely traverse on the window surface or wall surface, AlfaBot window cleaner can wipe gently without scratch. Strong vertical suction of 5KGS/11LB! Adopts German vacuum motor technology, that helps the robot suck air and stand on the glass surface.The powerful suction of the motor allows the glass cleaner to be firmly held on the vertical glass surfaces. Smart Window Cleaning System -Built-in AI technology will detect window frames and obstacles. Calculation and programming of the optimal cleaning path for maximum efficiency. No need to take a risk to climbing dangerous ladders to clean outside, tall or hard to reach high building windows. With 4-meter Safety line to keep the small appliance from falling down when it is out of power or lost of suction. An embedded UPS ( Uninterrupted Power System ) keeps the device running 20 – 25 minutes when AC power is disconnected, prevents the robot from falling off the window.


This little robot works pretty well. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than I anticipated. I found that on bigger windows it helped to spray the glass 8-10” ahead of its path and repeat as it made its way down. Be prepared to get corners yourself and plan on wiping a small area where it ends the job, but otherwise you can expect a clean window with little effort. Longevity of the pads is in question, but hopefully replacements are easily found.

Weight: ‎2.09 pounds

Dimensions: 11.42 x 5.91 x 4.72 inches

4 out of 5

4. Mamibot W120-T Window Cleaning Robot Vacuum with iGLASSBOT

Why Choose W120-T: Intelligent cleaning routes, Clean your high-rise windows in a safe and easier way; Offers you a new way of window cleaning; Third general square robot window cleaner with stylish design and good performance; The 10 best smart devices of IFA 2018. Easy Operation: Control your robot in three simple ways: APPOne touch KeyRemote. AI Smart Cleaning Modes: Multiple smart modes: in patterns of Z, N, or Z- to- N ,more than efficient , more than you expected. Square Shape Covers More: W120-T Covers maximumly 99% of the glass surface; Back to where it start when finished the work; Special designed Mico Fabric Cloth with no hurt to glass surface; Available to frame and frameless glass,tables,and smooth floors/wall surfaces. Multi-levels of Safety Guarantee: Multi-direction anti-falling sensors,with strong safety rope equipped; The built-in UPS battery help robot suck on windows for 20minutes and send alarms if power supply is cut suddenly; Multi-condition Application: use W120-T to clean internal/external windows of high-rise buildings/stores bathroom windows, or other flat surface like marble walls, ceramic walls.


Weight: 3 pounds

Dimensions: 9.84 x 9.84 x 3.94 inches

3.6 out of 5

5. Robot Window Cleaner, COAYU CW902

Coayu Window robotic vacuum cleaner with Unique patented invention for bottom mopping pad, high efficient cleaning system and washable microfiber pad can scrub the windows thoroughly. Coayu CC902 Window robot vacuum cleaner with strong suction and vibration technology, 5 edge detection sensors , one button clean and make sure working safety. Full smart CC902 window cleaner with remote control , wireless remote control can do many functions, and otherwise it with zig zag cleaning route,speed can up to 4.5m/min, fast time charging can save more for dangerous area cleaning. Cute cleaner robot ideal for many kinds wall mopping ,such as horizontal frame and frameless windows, sliding glass doors, tables, walls , floors,high building and so on.


Great job! Convenient to use. 100% assistant for cleaning in a house where there are many windows and glass, mirrored doors! Super, it’s easy and simple for me!Robot Window Cleaner, COAYU CW902

Weight: 5.5 pounds

Dimensions: 10.8 x 10 x 4.3 inches

4 out of 5

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