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Aircon Problems? These are What those Aircon Issues Might Mean

Aircon Problems? The Cause Could Be One of These:

Aircon Problems? These are What those Aircon Issues Might Mean

Air conditioner problems? Does your AC unit have a smell, or is it making a suspicious rattling noise that you haven’t heard from your unit before? Any strange instances and issues from your air conditioner may be an indication of an internal or external problem concerning your air conditioning system.

In this article, we’ll tackle the different types of common air conditioning issues, and troubleshoot the possible problems surrounding these issues. As always, we recommend that you have a professional HVAC technician look into your AC unit instead of trying to fix the problem yourself, especially if the issues are within the internal mechanisms of your AC unit.

We’ve compiled a list of common problems your air conditioning system may experience as you use your unit, based on air conditioner tips and tricks by professional HVAC cleaning service Luce Aircon. Read more about air conditioner care and maintenance through their website:

Aircon Has Stopped Working.

If your aircon has stopped working, first check if you may be experiencing a black out in your area. If not, then there might be a problem with your unit or the electrical system. Are your lights working properly? Have you noticed something unplugging your air conditioner? Or perhaps you set a timer on your AC unit, and the time has passed for the unit to automatically turn off?

If none of these issues could have caused your AC unit to suddenly stop working, then you may need to check for a blown fuse or circuit breaker in your main electrical cabinet. If you see these broken, call for an electrician to fix the problem instead of risking electrocution fixing it yourself. Alternatively, if the fuse is fine, there may be an internal problem with your unit instead.

Aircon is Not Cool.

If your aircon is not cooling your room, you may need to check if the temperature is set at a cool setting. You should also note if there are open windows and doors in your room, or if the air conditioner is powerful enough to sufficiently cool down the room it is in.

Check your AC filter if it has a layer of dust on it, or if the filter has iced up and frozen. In this case, let the ice melt away by turning the aircon off, then clean the filter and dry before attempting to restart the air conditioner.

Aircon Keeps Turning On and Off.

Air conditioners that keep turning on and off almost always have problems with short cycling. Internal parts and mechanisms may have broken off, and are causing stress on the system of your air conditioner. There might be a problem with the electrical source as well. In any case, it is best to shut off the air conditioner to prevent damage.

Take your AC unit to a reputable air conditioner service company to have professional technicians diagnose the problem, troubleshoot, and fix the issues with your air conditioner without further damaging the unit.

Aircon is Dripping Water.

An air conditioner dripping water is common, but not normal. A dripping air conditioner is evident of either a leak in the condensation line or a clog in the drain line. Over time, these pipes can get clogged with dust and debris, which can cause wear and tear leading to leaks.

A professional HVAC technician will be able to find the leak and fix your unit so you won’t need to worry about leaks in the future. At the same time, having your unit cleaned, as a dirty unit was what resulted in the leak in the first place.

Aircon Smells Like Rotten Eggs.

When your air conditioner starts to smell funny, one common odor is the smell of rotten eggs coming from your AC unit. Unfortunately, the smell of rotten eggs means something has died inside your air conditioning system, outdoor unit, or vents around your home.

During the cold months, small birds and mammals like to take refuge in the warmth of the air conditioner unit but often find it difficult to get out. These organisms can die and expel a sulfur, rotten egg-like odor that is unpleasantly off-putting. Have a technician clean your unit, or remove the carcass yourself if you can easily reach it.

Aircon smells like burning exhaust.

Anything that smells like it’s burning probably is. If your air conditioner starts to smell like car exhaust or burning plastic, then shut the unit off immediately! You most likely have a problem with the internal mechanisms of the air conditioner, as one or more components are overheating and burning. A burning smell is extremely dangerous, as it indicates a faulty AC that is burning.

Shut off your unit using the remote control, and avoid touching the unit. Safely unplug the unit from the socket, and call a reputable technician to take a look at your air conditioning system. Do NOT splash water on your electrical devices, including the air conditioner, if it starts to smoke up. Always call for professional services.

Aircon smells like wet socks.

An air conditioner that smells musty, or smells like feet is indicative of mold growth and stagnant water. The drip tray might be filled with water, and mold may have started growing around the unit in this case. To clear this smell, carefully remove the drip and condensation tray, and dump out the contents. Clean with some soap and water before placing back into your AC unit.

Alternatively, you may need to clean the AC filter as mold can grow within its fibers. If you have a habit of replacing the wet filter back into the AC unit after cleaning, then chances are the filter has grown mold at some point. You’ll need to clean out the filter to keep your unit in good working condition.

Aircon Smells Like Cigarette Smoke

Are there smokers in the house? Is there someone smoking outside, or perhaps a passerby holding a cigarette? These are the most likely scenarios when dealing with air conditioners that have a cigarette-like smell.

Take note that a cigarette smoke smell is different from the smell of burning exhaust fumes, burning plastic, or melting rubber. Cigarette smoke typically comes from, well, cigarettes. If there is a smoker in the house, there is a high chance your air conditioner has taken on the smells coming from cigarette smoke.

Aircon Has a Rattling Sound.

If your air conditioning unit is rattling, then it means a part has gotten loose and is rattling around your unit. Shut off your unit, and have your air conditioning system checked by a professional HVAC technician.

Alternatively, a rattling sound may be a simple issue of your unit being unbalanced on its mount. Especially for newly-installed units, improper mounting may result in a rattling noise as your entire unit rattles. Have your mounting checked, and have the issue fixed to prevent additional damage to your unit.

Aircon Has a Whirring Sound.

Your air conditioner would commonly make a slight whirring sound from the mechanisms working together, but the sound should not be greatly audible. If your air conditioner is whirring loudly, sounds squeaky, or has a difficult time running, then your AC parts may simply need a few drops of oil to work smoothly.

While you may be tempted to fix this issue yourself, you may end up damaging your unit if you apply too much oil or oil in the wrong places. Instead, take your air conditioner to a professional HVAC service provider to get your unit maintained from top to bottom. Schedule a top-up, cleaning, and maintenance every few months to prevent issues with your air conditioner.

Always Check with Professionals

For any air conditioning problem, it is always best to check with professionals to tackle the problem. Attempting to fix the problem yourself may lead to hazardous situations, electrocution, or additional damage to your AC unit. Instead, look for a reputable aircon service to diagnose and fix the problem for you.

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