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How To Stop Spiders Nesting In Window Frames

Best Ways to Stop Spiders in Window Frames

Recently, I have been stuck inside more due to the heat that’s been scorching this summer. While inside, I noticed that I’m not the only one who has been driven into my cool and refreshing air-conditioned home. There are a plethora of spiders that have decided to make an unwelcome stay in the frames of my windows. My first thought was to immediately sell the house and pray for the next person who moved in.

After that quick thought, I then took a more practical approach and was dedicated to try and understand more about this problem and how I might be able to solve it myself. After doing heaps of research, all whilst keeping an eye that the eight-legged fiends didn’t move to a different area, I discovered that there are actually many practical ways to rid your house of these unwanted pests.

So, how do you stop spiders nesting in window frames? Here are a few ways that I found to eliminate spiders from nesting in your window frames.

  • Exterminate the spiders yourself utilizing a combination of insect traps, a liquid insecticide and an aerosol insecticide
  • Homemade Natural Spider Solutions
  • Cleaning the windows can eliminate webs and remove the food source of the spiders
  • Calling in the Exterminators

However, it’s hard to know that you’ve eradicated all the spiders and many people cannot even go within a foot of a spider without becoming a bit squeamish. So for now, let’s just say this option is off the table. 

The good news about these sources of spider eviction is that most if not all are common household items for most people. A large part of keeping spiders away comes from keeping a clean home, both inside and out. This means sweeping around the house, dusting window frames, and other home maintenance needs.

On the outside, it is important to make sure that your home doesn’t have any cracks or other small spaces that could allow these small furry arachnids into your home. If these two options fail you, there are also businesses that specialize in pest management that can help ensure that your home will be spider-free.

Stop Spider in Window Frame

Best Ways to Rid Your Windows of Spiders

While it may seem easier to just want to set the spiders ablaze or rope off your part of the house that they have begun to inhabit, it’s actually better for you, in the long run, to invest in one of these options for spider removal. It’s not as though the spiders will be helping with the electric bill from your air-conditioned home. However, most of these solutions are relatively cheap and will keep your home from these unwanted pests.

1. Exterminate the spiders yourself utilizing a combination of traps, a liquid insecticide and an aerosol insecticide

As mentioned before, there are many ways to handle a spider problem. Using a combination of pest control methods will help to eliminate the problem like a pro without spending the money have someone come by to eliminate the spiders. This set of three products is designed to prevent or eliminate arachnid activity in your windows. After a thorough inspection, use the insecticide and aerosol insecticide to kill the spiders. The traps will catch any spiders that are still around or attempting to make their home in your windows.

Spider Control Window Kit

window spider control kit

Preparing home for winter

How to Use the Spider Insecticide

2. Homemade Natural Solutions to Drive Away Spiders

You can create a homemade solutions that wards off spiders instead of killing them. Spiders are in fact beneficial in some cases as they help to control other insects that could potentially be crawling around your home. Spiders, though are very creepy, could actually be saving you and your loved ones from potential disease-carrying insects.

So before you begin terminating your spiders you may want to reconsider. However, they can also continue to help you from the outside and away from you. For this reason, one should only spray the vinegar and water solution once a day near spider webs.

There are many natural ways to drive spiders away from your window frames. These methods include a water and vinegar solution, citrus peels, and chestnuts.

One of the main ways to handle spiders is by homemade solutions, often ones you already own. Mix vinegar and water solution that is one part vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle and spray near the spider’s webbing. There is a caveat with this however as spraying a spider directly could potentially kill it.

Be careful around varnished areas however as the vinegar could potentially cause damage to it. If this is worrisome, you could also try using citrus peels to ward off spiders. Simply take a peel and rub it around the base of the window frame.

Spiders also hate the smell of wood chips, and so a bag of wood chips could also do the trick. Not only does it ward off spiders, but it allows anyone who enters your home to believe you’re a woodworking expert. A total win-win situation.

3. Cleaning the Windows

Another good way to ensure your home stays free of spiders is by cleaning the home weekly. This is to ensure that no spider webs begin to develop anywhere so that spiders know that they’re not welcome. Whilst cleaning the home, it can also be beneficial to place peppermint or other aromas around the home as many scents deter spiders.

While it can be a chore to clean the house, it ensures that spiders don’t have a place to live. It also ensures that your place is in tip-top shape and ready to be pest-free. Spiders can build webs quickly, as they’re very dedicated to their craft. So it’s especially important to ensure that you keep a clean house and one that is rid of these speedy builders.

A commonplace to find spiders is on plants. The vinegar and water solution mentioned before can often deter spiders while not harming plants. To ensure it doesn’t harm your plants make sure to try it in small doses at first.

Another consideration is to add in some of the scents mentioned above that send spiders out the doors. The inside of your house isn’t the only concern either. To ensure that spiders have a hard time entering your home, make sure to seal any cracks you see outside of your home that could invite unwanted pests. This can even involve leaving windows cracked or doors ajar for too long.

If this method doesn’t work for you then you could consider getting a cat as they often hunt spiders. This is likely why the ancient Egyptian cultures used to worship them, or at the very least why you will.

4.Calling In the Exterminators

While it can often be daunting to spend money around the home, hiring a pest control team to get rid of pests can often leave you worry-free of seeing spiders in your window frames. Pests control specialists are experts when it comes to handling matters like these.

While hopefully, no spider problem is too bad that it requires a visit from an exterminator, peace of mind is the best outcome. For this, you would simply have to look up reviews on local companies and give them a call for your spider problem.

Generally, they come by in a day or so to inspect the house and offer you a long-term solution. This is, however, the most expensive solution and will often have you reaching into your wallet to pay for their services.

Related Questions

What if I don’t want to hurt the spiders?

There’s no problem with that, as spiders can be beneficial around the home. They feed on the insects that could be carrying diseases, which means they act as the defender against sickness in your home. However, they’re an eyesore and so some of the options for spider removal listed above can be used in order to maintain the aesthetic of your home.

How expensive is pest control?

If you’re down to the last straw with your spider problem and need to call in the professionals then look no further than pest control. While this answer often depends on both the area and the situation that you’re facing, spider control can often cost anywhere from $150-$300.

This may seem like a hefty chunk of change, but how much would you pay to never see all those beady spider eyes looking at you again? For some I believe it to be millions, however, there are the cheaper options listed above. This could save you enough money to take a trip somewhere. A small trip, but still a trip.

Are all spiders good for the environment?

The simple answer to this is yes. Spiders do help out around the house by being free of pest control. However, arachnophobia is the number one animal-based phobia for a reason. Spider bites can be harmful to humans, especially more venomous species such as the brown recluse or black widow. This is where a lot of fear comes from as the bite can lead to extreme reactions, and in serious cases, death.

However, most common house spiders are harmless and will only attack when provoked. For this reason, if you have small children then it might be a good idea to look into one of the spider control methods mentioned above. This will keep your loved ones out of harm’s way and keep your house spider-free.

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