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Why Is There So Much Dust In My Bedroom?

Why Is There So Much Dust In My Bedroom?What You Need to Know About Excessive Dust in Your Bedroom

Not only is dust a nuisance to get rid of but it can also be an eye-sore in any room of the house. The last place you want dust to accumulate is in your bedroom, as it can often make it difficult to breathe as you sleep. If you’re wondering why you have so much dust in your bedroom, this article is can help you identify the problem and provide you with easy solutions.

Why is there so much dust in my bedroom? There are a few reasons why your bedroom may seem to have a problem with dust compared to the rest of your house:

  • Bedrooms often have more fabrics and upholstery, which can create and collect more dust
  • Your bedroom may have improper airflow and ventilation
  • Your home’s air filter may need to be changed
  • There are more surfaces in your bedroom where dust can settle
  • Your bedroom may need to be cleaned more frequently to get rid of dust and debris


Now that you know why your bedroom may be so dusty, you can work on identifying the problem and taking the steps to correct it. If you want a more in-depth look at the reasons your bedroom may be so dusty, keep reading!

Fabrics and Upholstery In Your Bedroom Can Create Dust

Your bedroom tends to have more fabrics than other rooms in the house; in a bedroom you can often find bed’s king sheets and comforters, rugs or carpets, towels, pillowcases, and curtains. That’s a lot! The reason this can play such a big part in the amount of dust in your bedroom is that as fabrics wear, they create fibers that can float into the air. 

Fabrics and upholstery can also be the living place of dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic insects that bed down in fabrics and eat dead skin cells, fabric fibers, and other debris. Their habits can generate more dust by breaking down the fibers of the fabrics in your room.

One way you can help reduce dust is by limiting the fabrics you have in your room. While this may be difficult, it can be done. Clothes can be considered fabrics as well, so picking up your clothes and putting them in the closet or in the dresser can be a big way to get rid of fibers that can escape into the air.

Improper Ventilation Can Create Excessive Dust in Your Bedroom

Improper ventilation may be the reason you have an excessive amount of dust in your bedroom. When it comes to airflow in your house, certain rooms may suffer from improper airflow more than others. If your room doesn’t have good airflow, dust will be more apt to settle, coating your furniture with a layer a small particles.

The good news is that it can be easy to improve the ventilation in your bedroom. Two ways you can easily improve ventilation is by leaving your bedroom door open more often and putting up a fan in your bedroom. These two things will enable air to move more beneficially throughout your bedroom.

Another thing you can do is check to see if the heating and air vent in your room is open. If the vent is closed, it can block air from moving and circulating in your room. Oftentimes, we close air vents and forget that we closed them, so always check to make sure the air vent is open.

Old Air Filters Can Cause Your Bedroom to Have More Dust

If you have excessive dust in your bedroom, it could be because your home’s air filter needs to be changed. The air filter is a tool that works to filter dust and debris out of your air conditioning system. One thing you may not know is that not only does your A.C. unit work to provide cool air, but it also works to remove old dirty air and replace it with fresh air. The old air is sucked in by the air conditioning system, where it is then run through the air filter to remove debris.

Home air filters are supposed to be changed every three months. When you remove an old air filter, you’ll notice the amount of dust that has been caught in its nets. An old air filter that needs to be replaced won’t be able to filter air properly, so the A.C. unit will end up spitting out the dirty air instead of clean air.

a humidifier helps with dustBedrooms Have More Surfaces Where Dust Can Settle

Bedrooms tend to have many different furniture fixtures, from a bed frame and a nightstand to a dresser and bookshelf, all these surfaces provide a place for dust to settle and be noticed. If you have a problem with dust or you simply don’t like how fast dust tends to accumulate, you may try a minimalistic approach and remove some of the fixtures from your room.

Hardwood surfaces often make it easier to notice when dust is settling, so another thing you could try is you can place fabrics or runners on your fixtures to hide the collection of dust. Since you won’t physically dust these fabrics, you’ll have to wash them regularly to remove dust from them.

Clean Your Bedroom More Frequently to Get Rid of Dust

Even in a perfect situation, dust would still eventually form and accumulate. For this reason, sometimes the only thing you can do to get rid of dust is to clean. Bedrooms often get overlooked in the cleaning process because they’re not an area where people gather and they usually include clothes and other things that need to be picked up as well.

All that said, cleaning your room regularly can help you control your dust problem. More dust tends to form and accumulate in your bedroom since it’s where you sleep. As you sleep, dead skin cells fall off and can get caught in your bed sheets ore they can float off into the air. That sounds disgusting. For this reason, it’s important to clean your room and remove dust frequently.



What’s the Most Effective Way to Dust?

There are many products out there that claim to remove dust, but what is the most effective? When it comes to cleaning your bedroom furniture, you’ll want to remove as much dust from your room as you can. What is the best way to do that?

The most effective way to remove dust is to dampen a cloth with either water or dusting spray, then wipe the cloth over the fixtures in your room. The water in the cloth will trap the dust to the cloth and keep it from escaping back into the air or into your room. 

People often use feather dusters to dust their bedrooms, but this is one of the most ineffective ways to remove dust. While the feather duster does trap some dust in its fabric, it also flings the majority of the dust back into the air.

best ways to dust houseDoes a dehumidifier help with dust?

Dehumidifiers are machines that can help to reduce the moisture and humidity in your bedroom. A dehumidifier will reduce the amount of dust in your home by filtering out the dust that passes through it filter when running. Dust mites and other allergens rely on a more humid environment to live, so a dehumidifier can help prevent these allergens from thriving in the first place. By removing excessive moisture, the air conditioning system will also be able to work more effectively in removing old dirty air from the room and replacing it with fresh clean air. If your room is especially susceptible to dust, consider investing in a dehumidifier.

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