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5 Ways You Can Protect Floors and Carpets When You Move

Can you picture it? You’re moving your china cabinet, someone loses their grip and a huge scratch is made on the hardwood floor. Or, a big stain winds up on the carpet because you didn’t know something was leaking while you were moving boxes. What a disaster!

Top selling realtors in Tulsa, OK gave us their top tips for protecting your floors, whether you’re moving in, moving out, or cleaning your new house amid COVID

light moving boxes

1. Make boxes light and easy to carry

The very first (and easiest) way you can protect your floors is by being smart and packing lightly. You don’t want to carry a box of heavy books only to lose your grip and everything tumbles to the ground! Likewise, boxes of heavy dishes and glassware could scratch or ding the hardwood flooring if they were to slip from your hands. 

Not only do you want to pack the boxes lightly (at least light enough where you can carry them comfortably), but only carry furniture that you can comfortably handle, as well. This includes chairs, planters, shelving, organization systems and so on. 

2. Keep safety at the forefront when packing

Packing lightly is a key component in packing safely, but so is taking care of how you’re packing. You’ll want to do what you can to minimize the chances of scraping the floor or walls. For example, wrap the legs and edges of chairs and tables with towels or furniture blankets. Use strong boxes that are less likely to collapse when they’re full of stuff (not to exceed 20 pounds!). 

protect your floor while moving3. Don’t forget to use furniture sliders

The best way you can protect your hardwood floors is by using furniture sliders for anything heavy. Not only does this include furniture, but you can use them with appliances and other heavy items that need to be moved. When you’re ready to move items back into place, you can use these sliders and keep them under the items in case you need to move them again in the future. 

protect your floor with furniture sliders

5 Ways You Can Protect Floors and Carpets When You Move4. For heavy items, always use dollies or carts with rubber wheels

As much as we and our friends may think we’re strong enough to carry heavier items ourselves, you shouldn’t risk it – especially when you are trying to be mindful of the floor. Things happen, people lose their grip and accidents are very likely

Instead of trying to be like Hulk, don’t be afraid to use a dolly or cart with rubber wheels to help move the heavier items. It’s a smart and safe way to move items. Plus, by using dollies to help move, you aren’t going to exert so much energy as if you were carrying items in your hands. 

moving dollies

5 Ways You Can Protect Floors and Carpets When You Move5. Cover the floors with old blankets, towels or cardboard

When all else fails, you can protect your floors by using duct tape and taping cardboard boxes, blankets and towels on the floor. By covering the floors with these items, you’re protecting the floors from damage, but you’re minimizing the amount of dirt and debris that you’ll have to clean up after you’re done. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Moving day is a day that’s full of excitement and stress, but by taking these precautions, protecting the floors is just one less thing you’ll have to worry about. You have enough to be concerned about!

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